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Just wanted to say thanks.7/8/09

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I am trying once again to keep a list of my gratefuls, as I call them.

1. I'm grateful for my loving husband, who doesn't always know how to help me, but always tries none the less.
2. I'm grateful to still have my Dad around. He gets smarter every time I have another birthday.
3. I'm grateful for my friends, new and old.
4. I'm grateful to live in such a beautiful state among the exotic birds and plants.
5. I'm grateful for this website and all you people make this a warm and supportive port in the storm.
6. I'm grateful for the extended family who love and pray for me.
7. I'm grateful to have health insurance, when there are so many who don't.
8. I'm grateful to have a steady roof over me and my family, even when it's hard tp make ends meet.
9. I'm grateful to live free in America.
10. I'm grateful my disease isn't as bad as it could be.


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