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feeling amazing. like I'm 20 again. energy and flexibility back!

Mar 27, 2014 - 1 comments

This is the first time I have felt back to normal.  No aches or pains anywhere today. Feeling flexible again too.  Did that Dr Oz test where you sit on the floor cross legged and get up without using your knees elbows or hands to help pull yourself up
. My head space has been good all day.
Sang in the car all the way home.  
37 weeks post eot.
Its about time!
will no doubt be back to normal tomorrow but
today is a milestone.
Now it could all be due to a 30 minute soak in the bath I had first thing this morning in epsom salts - 1 cup of magnesium sulphate.
Body felt so relaxed for a couple of hours after.
Am definitely doing this again!

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by dontworry_behappy1, Mar 27, 2014
Yes the bath really helped and the Dr. Oz test just told you your going to live longer.  Hey it's been 39 weeks.  That's about when I saw a difference.  It took a lot longer than I ever figured it would.   it seems like the good days start getting better than the bad day...then it gets all good.  I found if I didn't take my daily multiple vitamin I could tell a difference.  I think the treatment depletes you of everything.  You got me running out buying  magnesium sulphate.  Sounds wonderful.

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