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July 9, 09

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positive attitudes





As I sit here drinking my morning coffee, I feel very well. All the pain from bx is gone, and I'm even considering going to the gym today. Considering it, mind you. Ha. Today is the day to get our lil guy registered for kindergarten. He was in pre-k 2 years in a row starting before he was even out of Pull-Ups, so school is something he's looking forward to going back to.

Um, let's see now, what's news today? My mental health seems to be starting out ok. I hope it stays that way awhile. I know, we choose how our days will pan out by choosing to have a good attitude. Well, I do usually have a good attitude, but my moods sneak up on me and ambush when I'm least expecting it. One minute I'm happy-go-lucky and then next I've flown off some handle in a burst of rage (and I'm not even tx'ing yet). lol. I once told my former Psych Dr in Michigan about a conversation I had with a good friend of mine,Joe, where I told him sarcasticaly that I'm fun to live with (what with all my mood swings and unpredictability), and he (Joe) said, "Yeah, fun like a monkey with a machine gun!" My Psych Dr just about fell outta his chair laughing so hard. :D  

I feel positive today even though it's rainy and dreary outside. I feel like walking in the woods despite getting my feet wet. Maybe I'll harvest a few sticks out there to carve on, or since I'm a rock hound, I'll take advantage of the rain and look for some good stones while they're wet and the gettin's good. :D

I dunno, but whatever I decide to do, I think it will involve getting wet. Anyway, I'm done journaling for now. Maybe I'll write more later. Ciao.

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