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SOV/RBV GT2 Treatment Journal July 7, 2014  Latest Update

Apr 03, 2014 - 5 comments

April 3, 2014 I started treatment  Last update July 7, 2014
1. Treatment Overview
2  Latest Update - Treatment Log (Daily log discontinued updated only when important events occur)  in reverse order   First 2 weeks info moved to comment due to text limitation
3. Pre Treatment Blood Labs
#1. Treatment Overview
GT2 F3/F4 Class A compensated Sovaldi/Sofosbuvir 400 mg 1x,  Ribavirin 3x200mg 2x =1200 mg/day  12 Weeks
Other journal link HCV  History, other medical conditions etc. Also detailed lab tests results in the past year.
Latest Update - Treatment Log in reverse order

Update posted July 7, 2014  
July 2  EOT VL undetected as expected  My tx Np was going to wait foir 12 weeks post for VL but i talked him into doing it in 6 weeks post EOT when my CBC including hgb are going to be checked.

Finish tx on June 25. HGB and related still a little below normal but should return as the RBV gets eliminated from my body.    My biggest side effect was greater fatigue especially during the last 4 week of treatment.  this should improve over time. expect that the VL EOT will show undetected next week.  12wks SVR expected end of Sept.

May 28 2014 wk 8 labs lucky HGB stabilized and was 12.2 so no RBV dose reduction.  Platelets down to 111 Low.

I have been very busy and traveled 400 miles to camp out at a music festival for the Memorial Day weekend.  My only real side effect is a little more fatigue as expected. A short nap or two during the day helps a lot.

May 14 2014 wk 6 labs
platelets 123 Low  HGB 12.0 Low (drop of 2.3 from wk 4 to wk 6 as much as the first 4 wks and was hoping they wouldn't much lower and have to reduce RBV
May 9, 2014  Great News Results from week 4 VL test  undetected!!!
April 30, 2014 4 week blood test results
ALANINE AMINOTRANSFERASE 21 units/L 10-55  (down from 150 pre treatment)
ALBUMIN 4.0 g/dl 3.4-4.5
ASPARTATE AMINOTRANSFERASE 20 units/L 6-32 (down from 109 pre treatment)
BILIRUBIN 1.0 mg/dl 0.1-1.0
HEMOGLOBIN 14.3 g/dl 13.5-17  (down from 16.7 pre treatment)
ERYTHROCYTE DISTRIBUTION WIDTH 15.9 High % 11.7-14 (first time High)
PLATELETS 127 Low K/mm3 140-375   up from 88 pre treatment
April 25, 2014 Report received
DAY 14  VL Results results Great news, undetected expected at week 4
HCV RNA LOG10* (V2) 1.1 LOG 10
Target Detected
The quantitation range of HCV RNA RT-PCR is 12-100,000,000 IU/mL.

See my comment below for first 14 days Note DAY 14  VL Results posted in COMMENT reply BELOW is incorrect and can not edit. The results above are correct.

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by Groupergetter, Apr 04, 2014
Jimmy, you are one month behind me, please keep us posted on the physical changes/improvements you experience,  I  started to see fewer headaches at about 3 weeks onto tx.  Have times (intermittent) where it seems my mental clarity is a bit better, then back to brain fog.  Also have occasional times when my neuropathy seems better. Like you I need to see my platelet count improve,  Have been bruising easily with long periods to get better.  I am on the Sovaldi/Olysio w/o riba.  I have noticed a hypersensitivity to the sun.  Don't know if you will have this, but be aware.  Pray this works for you and you find SVR.  Will look forward to following your Journal and journey. Be well.

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by JimmyMose, Apr 04, 2014
Groupergetter, Thank you will try to update often.    "hypersensitivity to the sun" it's in the Olysio proscribing info. Hope that isn't a concern for me. I like to get outside at least a couple hours a day. I use sun screen or covering when going to be in direct sun more than a few minutes. Live in Buffalo, NY suburb so it's almost time to get the bicycle ready to ride.  

my BMI is 36.  just have to try to go to bed a little earlier and get up earlier.
Bright light - early and often - linked to lower BMI, study finds,0,5265290.story

I love the journal specially because I can edit it.   Had this idea to do the daily log in reverse so it would be easier for those who revisit to check updates. What do you think?

I wish the same for you less side effects and SVR

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by Groupergetter, Apr 25, 2014
Hey Jimmy, hope you are well.  Journal looks good and so do the results.  Looking forward to seeing you join the UND club.  Onward to SVR.

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by JimmyMose, Apr 26, 2014
Due to Journal max characters limit first 14 days of treatment moved to this comment
in reverse order

DAY 14 2nd week received April 25  VL results Great news, undetected expected at week 4
HCV RNA LOG10* (V2) 1.1 LOG 10
Day 13 April 15, 2014

Doing great no side effects other than some very mild ones that were noticed over the past few years before treatment.  Don't attributed them to the tx meds. Anticipating good basic bloods tomorrow and VL undetectable when the results are known next week.

NOTE: I will not update every day.  Always on basic test days, When VL delayed results are known and especially if side effects become more pronounced and/or serious. (besides  911, ER or contact doctor next day if appropriate)
Or whenever.
DAY 9 April 11, 2014
Doing great no side effects expect for occasional hardly noticeable ones.
DAY 7  April 9, 2014  Update 1 week labs
Feeling pretty good 1 week lab results
Excellent results that moved to normal
ALT             46 units/L 10-55 150H  -104  
AST           28 units/L 6-32 109H -81
NEUTROPHILS 3.3 K/mm3 2.4-6.8      2.3L  +1.0

Expected results as it will take awhile to see signficant increase
PLATELETS 91 Low K/mm3 140-375 88L  +3

Expected results moderate decrease  
HEMOGLOBIN comment g/dl 13.5-17 unable to test
HEMATOCRIT 43.5 % 38-50 46.4  -2.9  
Expected results  moderate increase
BILIRUBIN 1.0 mg/dl 0.1-1.0 0.5  +0.5
Still good
ALBUMIN 3.8 g/dl 3.4-4.5 3.6  +0.2
CREATININE 0.89 mg/dl .7-1.4
GRFR.PREDICTED >60 mL/min >60
DAY 5 April 7, 2014
No problems and got my first hearing aids today.
DAY 4 April 6, 2014
Slept better. Went to Old Country Buffet at 10:50 AM had breakfast and lunch. Appetite very good, ate just a little too much (glad I only do that occasionally). It was sunny and 50F so went for a bicycle ride. Can only remember a slight full stomach feeling for a short time and that was all.  Mood very high (hope not bi-polar waiting for the low to hit :-)  
DAY 3  April 5, 2014
Never got to sleep until 3:45 AM up to 50 mph winds all night.  Received a call at 8:AM a friend was desperate for a ride to drug store.  Took meds with 2 for $3 Egg white Mc Muffins and free coffee.  
Took a couple of 1 hour naps during the day.  Usual food and water  Feeling pretty good, side effects almost non existent  
7 PM  3 RBV  11;20 PM feel tired now and hope to get a good 8 hour sleep..  
DAY 2 April 4, 2014
Drank a little too much water in the evening last night resulting in waking up 3 times for bladder relief.  6 1/2 hrs sleep between 1 AM & 9:45 AM
10 AM morning pills  about 72 oz water before 8 PM evening RBV  12 oz water, 8 oz at 9 PM. Bed time est 1 AM
Symptoms are sporadic but even less and hardly noticeable  Food similar to previous 2 McDonalds fish special $3 in place of tuna. Spent 2 hours at local college free dental hygiene clinic evaluation xrays etc, free cleaning next Friday.  loose tooth shows infection will need to see dentist..
DAY 1 April 3, 2014
Symptoms are sporadic and VERY mild: lightheadedness, nausea, headache, joint muscle pain and brain fog.  Please note I have experienced these intermittently over the past few years,  They were expected, hardly noticeable and no problem.    

Food: consumed in 6 or so separate times throughout the day including whole wheat bread, shredded wheat, lactose free non fat milk, chicken noodle soup, frozen fruit, frozen vegetables, sardines, crunchy peanut butter, tart cherry juice, coffee, unsalted almond nuts, fresh bananas and orange, black pepper, extra virgin olive oil  No added salt. About 9 12 oz glasses of water          

Activity  normal routine day including light exercise and walking,

#3 Pre Treatment Blood Labs

10 Mar 2014   Selected important latest blood lab results pretreatment that are more important to watch during treatment. High or Low are listed after the result if not in the normal reference range (listed at the end of each line)  
HEMOGLOBIN 16.7 g/dl 13.5-17
NEUTROPHILS 2.3 Low K/mm3 2.4-6.8
ALBUMIN 3.6 g/dl 3.4-4.5
BILIRUBIN 0.5 mg/dl 0.1-1.0
CREATININE 0.88 mg/dl .7-1.4
PROTEIN 7.6 g/dL 6.3-8.0
PLATELETS 88 Low K/mm3 140-375
Other blood and urine tests from this date were normal and not listed

HCV RNA LOG10* (V2) 5.9 LOG 10

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by Groupergetter, May 05, 2014
How you doing Jimmy, everything going according to plan?  Looking forward to your UND.

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