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My mom has terminal lung cancer

Apr 09, 2014 - 0 comments

Hi all. I've been away quite busy with being either sick or trying to keep my home standing - no easy job. Mom was dx in December right before Christmas.  She had only the symptoms of her metastases in her tibia. A nass had almost destroyed the entire bone. They put a "nail" in from the knee to her ankle to stabilize it and then did radiation to her leg and lung.

Due to having had breast cancer right where the kungass was we think the radiation for the BC contributed to the lung cancer. Her radiation oncologist thought so too. She had smoked but quit in 89. They used cyber knife to radiate the lung so there wouldn't be overlap where she'd been radiated before.

She got a blood clot which set her back but is a bit better now. She uses my walker and I take her to all her therapy and doctors appt which is really hard. I also take care of everything else at the house etc. Im trying to get my little mess of a house fixed up so she can move in with me. I'm doing all the work myself and its a lot of work.

I had to replace all the floors - rip up the carpet, replace the sub floor and put down cheap peal and stick wood looking vinyl. I used glue thank goodness. Then put in new lower cabinets replaced a couple doors and painted and stained everything. I'm working on bookcases now which is hard - all while taking care of mom and my own health issues. Some days the pain in my body is so intense I scream.  I just dont have money to pay for help nor the family who wants or can help. Not a good situation.

I also list my dear doctor of over 39 years. He retired (forced retirement) due to not being able to practice medicine the way he wanted (the way it should be done). Thats a long sad story snd now I only have a paliative care doctor who does nothing.
NOTHING. I'm so frustrated by it all due to having to be on medicaid I just can't get the care I need. Im trying to not focusbon it but pain has a way of getting your attention. My mom is so dear to me - our birthdays are May 3rd and 4th. Hers us the 4th. She'll be 86. That's a nice long life and shes been healthy too. She doesn't know how to handle illness very well though. Some of her problems are minor compaired yo mine at this point but being 86 and javing declined in fitness makes it hard for her (and therefore me).

Blessings to everyone. I just wanted to write a brief update and say hey. I do miss keeping up with everyone. I'll try to check in more frequently.  

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