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considering a tubal lugation

Apr 14, 2014 - 1 comments

So since I ended up with a Csection with my first and I am 12wks with my 2nd, I think we might be done.
I am leaning towards a tubal after this Csection. I know yall are thinking, but be sure this is what you want. DH and I areconsidering if we choose to have another one after I finish Grad school, then we have 6 embryos frozen still from our DD #1.
We were lucky to conceive easily with this baby. But it has been so rough on much nausea, all day, limiting my activities. Plus extreme fatigue.
Hmm am I crazy? I will be 30 shortly after this baby is born.
If you had a tubal did u have any side effects? The worst I hear is excessive bleeding.


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by KTowne, Apr 14, 2014
I chose not to get any permanent contraceptives yet. I'm 23, two kids with my husband and content, but the thought of cutting myself off permanently made me 2nd guess, and with this kind of thing, any 2nd thoughts should be considered a no. I know 4 people, 3 friends and my sister who have had tubes tied and have very much regretted it. As much as I think for sure I'm done, who knows what time and life will bring or change that! Just make sure you really think it through and if its what you want, go for it! My sister also had tubes tied after her 2nd csection and said there was no more pain or bleeding than just a regular csection.  I will admit sometimes knowing I'm only on the pill and dh not "fixed" it worries me that an accident could happen but we would be just as happy as if he/she were planned. Either way it will be the right decision for you!!

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