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endless worry about parents dying

Apr 16, 2014 - 0 comments








they are a long way off from dying, maybe 5 or ten years if no unnatural causes, but - they have so much JUNK and MATTERS i wouldn't know where to start. and in my state of health i wouldn't be able to anyway (so why would i worry?)...

it concerns me no end.
they aren't hoarders, not unhygienic anyway, but they have THEIR parents' stuff, and also stuff from the houses of deceased friends of theirs whose houses they decided to take upon themselves to sort after the friends died - !!!

they seem not to be worried.
do they think they're going to live forever?
i don't want any of their stuff. the stuff they think valuable - i have no interest in whatsoever.
will i just chuck it all?

if anyone has any ideas please let me know!

i have broached the topic numerous times. the good thing is that they HAVE made some sorting efforts and have thrown things out - GREAT - i guess i need to be patient, and keep encouraging them to do it. their house is large and i don't think I've seen half of it.

i just need to stop worrying. it wouldn't worry me at all except that the business of tidying up will be on top of what will already be a huge family loss...
i would love to predecease them.
that's how burdensome it is to me.
i know god knows, and that i have no way of predicting the future.

how does anyone else survive?
i will need help - there's no doubt it is a ten-person job.
i just wish they would start now.
starting with the videos - there is no video player so the videocassettes can simply be tossed out completely.

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