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I am M/C Again WoW

Jul 15, 2009 - 9 comments






I am sitting at this computer typing with so many mixed emotions.  I am hurt, disappointed, and upset with knowing I am miscarrying again... It started yesterday with the constant flow of red spotting, and then the bad pain.  I have had so much hope each time I got my BFP.  I just don't understand why I can't hold my babies?  I have no problem with getting pregnant,  I just can't seem to carry full term.  I have to be back at my doctor today at 1:30.  They called this morning to tell me that they needed to redo my bloodwork,  I then informed them of the heavy bleeding I was having;  so the doctor want to see me as well.  I will go ahead an opt for a D&C so the healing process can start.  I just feel so heavy right now.  My DH is at the point he doesn't want to try again, feeling like all these m/cs is harming my body so he is scared to death of ttc again.  I am not even sure myself if I want to try again.  If I can't find out why these m/cs are happening, I problem want try again.  I have to get ready now to face this reality...  I need your prayers


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216278 tn?1308861082
by wanting4#1, Jul 15, 2009
I am so sorry, Yolanda. I know that's of very little consolation, but my thoughts and prayers are with you.

212720 tn?1304375415
by Quinns momma, Jul 15, 2009
I am so very sorry. It is just so unfair.  I will be thinking of you!


229760 tn?1291467870
by rdh1981, Jul 15, 2009
Oh, Yolanda, I am so sorry. I know how bad this hurts and it is just not fair.  You are such an amazing person and you have so much faith, I know you will find your way back out of the darkness again.  Just give your dh sometime to heal too and I am sure the two of you will come to agreements really soon.

Love ya,

Avatar universal
by alikat1205, Jul 15, 2009
I am so sorry.

969711 tn?1248350020
by MissezG209, Jul 15, 2009
My prayers are with you!!

764229 tn?1322519884
by Juliaschill, Jul 15, 2009
so sorry to hear this, I hope soon you have some peace with this and know that we are all here for you, God Bless julia

427454 tn?1315500950
by Prayerful2528, Jul 15, 2009
Thanks so much ladies... I am in the waiting period now, and just hoping for the best at the same time preparing for the worst. I will keep you all updated.

2206720 tn?1338915282
by ladyonaquest, Jul 19, 2012
I'm so sorry that you are going through this!! Your journal entry sounds just like me! I would get my bfp and miscarry at 5w4d every single time!! I started seeing an RE because my ob/gyn just didn't have a clue and stated that it was simply because of my age..whatever. I found out I had a focul adenomyoma (huge cyst filled with endometriosis) on the posterior wall of my uterus!It was causing my poor implantation. My RE gave a great analogy. He said imagine having pretty green grass with a big rock on top of it, the grass underneath will not get the oxygen it needs to grow and the rock will have to be removed be for that area can grow again as green as the rest of your grass! I had the surgery to remove it in November! My uterus is perfect now. I just need my bfp!! My periods prior to surgery were horrible!!!! All that is gone now that I had that cyst removed! Even if you an your husband decide to give up, for your peace of mind, get answers because there is a reason! You are in my prayers!!

2206720 tn?1338915282
by ladyonaquest, Jul 19, 2012
I just realized this was 3 years ago.

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