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May 12, 2008 - 0 comments

Just wanted to send out a reminder for everyone to continue using this forum.  In many posts and PMs I often see how many people feel like they are alone with suffering through this anxiety/panic cycle.  There are hundreds of people here that have, are, and will go through exactly what you are experiencing.  This can be so debiliating, especially when you lose self-identity and feel like you are the only going through this.  But remember, you are not; and that is a very comfortable feeling.  Another point; no matter how bad you feel at the current time it does get MUCH better and in the long run it makes you a more well rounded person for this endeavor.  So, keep on asking your questions, keep on expressing your concerns, and keep on helping each other!  I have only been here since January, and I am amazed at the progress I have seen.

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