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Just Had Enough Now,!!!!!

Jul 15, 2009 - 0 comments






Whats the point as I feel I am alone in this & that the NHS are not listening, they are just happy as long as they have their taxes every, bless certain Nurses & others who try & get paid peanuts, where these big Doctors get paid alot of money but yet seem to not know alot or miss things.

My numbness is driving me up the wall, my tongue is nearly constantly numb especially the tip & around my face with tingling/itching. Now my right leg/Knee numbness has become worse & my right arm is now becoming numb, It feels strange as though it is partly numb, I am having alot of tingling in my arm/finger tips, my toes & I am having really bad spasms on my forearm & my whole leg going into my hip hurts hurts with a constant ache, shooting & spasm pain, can you really have that many types of pain in one area, who knows.

Don't think it helped as I did a bit of weeding nothing much, but that was it, it set my arm off.

Well had my blood test for iron but found out have had the full mot blood test. Got to wait for the results which should be in Friday, maybe then my Doctor will then refer me to see a Neuro like I have asked, fingers crossed mmmmm....

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