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Apr 21, 2014 - 0 comments

Wow....anxiety is so hard to face! Does anyone agree? Its taking me nearly five years but slowly I am finding myself fighting back. Still have every pain under the sun and pins and needles have gone so bad but trying to remain calm about the situation & just look on the bright side of life! Way to be isn't it?

But I feel I can beat anxiety. It has controlled my life for way to long. Ive just got a new puppy and she takes my mind off anxiety, depression, pains and panic attacks as she is just adorable.....she's a little border collie (sheep dog) so I am finding that she is helping me......dogs are our best friends and I do believe she is the key to me beating anxiety!

Hope all you are good and beating anxiety because if I can then YOU can!

#faith #anxiety #newpuppy #newlife #beatinganxietyonceandforall

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