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original GI doc's office called today

Apr 22, 2014 - 0 comments

Original GI doc's office called today saying the GI doc is willing to talk to me, if I'd like, about my MRCP findings now that the ordering surgeon has already seen them.  (uh, that was at least 2 weeks ago)

So I am awaiting a call from that GI doc to get his take on the MRCP report and possibilities of what it means (even though I have found another doc more than 2 hours away).  I still want to hear his take. His nurse said she didn't understand the new GI's doc idea of doing colonoscopy instead of ERCP.  I said "I know, but I  was willing to go through the colonoscopy b/c I am not ruling out that my pain and lack of absorption might be due to something in my small intestine."   Then she told me that a colonoscopy doesn't even LOOK at your small intestines.  Bah.  Learn something new every day.

The new GI doc did say that he was looking for ulcerative colitis b/c people w/ schlerosing cholangitis  also have ulcerative colitis and that if I don't show signs of ulcerative colitis that I don't need to be concerned that I have sclerosing cholangitis....I need to remember to tell the old GI doc that rational of the new doc.

So, then  perhaps I am not willing to go through the colonoscopy, or maybe I should then ?????  I don't know.

Researching some more on the connection.  But I still think I have a stone and an infection.

Scheduled appt with primary care doc for tomorrow to sit down with her and say "HELP"..."which direction do I go???"

Hope you are having a blessed day, whomever might read this...if anyone :)

God is carrying me through this all.

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