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Things I was doing or was exposed to just before my bout started in November 2013

Apr 22, 2014 - 0 comments

Figured I'd make a list of the things that were different about my life just before this bout of GI junk cam on back in November 2013.

-I had JUST brought my vitamin D levels back up to normal after finding out they were extremely low, it took about 7 months to get them back to normal and many of my previous health issues had subsided with improving the D levels. So in many ways and areas I was just starting to feel much  better just before this happened.

-I had reduced carbs and increase protein greatly (I had noticed I was starting to lose muscle even though I was working out, probably my age and hormone related)

-I had started drinking a good deal of Kefir, mostly the Lifeway brand but I did remember trying a different brand that seemed a much different texture just before getting sick.

-I started using European cheeses and beef (grass fed, prepackaged burger, I remember them being very tasty but also very greasy, so at first I figured the grease was too much for someone without a gallbladder...didn't think it would send me to the hospital or go on for months)

-I was under and extreme amount of stress with some life changing unknowns hanging over me (even while I have a strong faith I confess to feeling the stress) thought maybe stress stopped my from creating the proper enzymes for digestion....but my stress level has equalized a great deal and GI issues and pain persist.

I had 2 weeks prior to attack finally withdrawn from my clonazepam of 2 years (so I considered perhaps a delayed withdrawal reaction from that, they do say that any health issues one has prior to beginning the drug will be exacerbated in in the mean time another doc agreed that I just stay on a low dose of it for now)

-One other thing I did JUST before this all happened, like maybe 2 days if not 1 before, I did some lymph flow message on myself because I had a neck/headache that seemed sinus related and I was told that sometime lymph drainage will relieve that kind of I did it, thinking it could hurt anything.  now I question that perhaps I could have circulated and infection into a different part of my body.

-as you can see I think very much and analytically ...but that is not a new thing at all.  I've always had to do that to get to resolved of my health issues :)

Hope this helps somebody and if I think of other things I was doing differently I will add and addendum to this list and call it that in the title.

I wish there was a way we who are suffering similar GI probs could all compare what we were doing when it hit us.


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