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baby name vent

Jul 16, 2009 - 0 comments

So DH and I have had baby names picked for several years now.  He chose the boy names and I have NO say in those. I've never had a problem with that until now.  I know it's stupid but I just want to vent a little.  The two names he picked for boys are:

Richard Allan III and Carl Lex.

Richard Allan is obviously after him and his dad.  Family name.  I get that.  Carl Lex is after his best friend who was KIA with him in Iraq during his last deployment.  So I get that too.  But there is a part of me that wants to name our son.  You know?  

Now let me say that I will NOT fight him on this.  That's why I'm venting here.  The names are very important and I get that and I'm happy about that.  But the selfish little baby in me wants to name our son myself lol.  

That and I fell in love with a new name.  Ha ha.  Don't you love it when you hear a name and it just clicks?  Well my new favorite boy name is Evan.  I don't know about a middle name yet.  But I'm just in love with that name so much.  It's crazy!  

Our girl names we kind of picked out together.  

The first girl will either be Kaedance Signe-Michele or Elizabeth Signe-Michele.  The double middle name is for our grandmothers.  Kady or Elly.  Our second little girl will be Kaylee Jean after my mom.    

I mean, it's kind of pointless to even talk about since we're not pregnant.  But we do talk about it since we're trying.  I was just thinking about it and wanted to get it off my chest.  

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