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Apr 25, 2014 - 0 comments

bile reflux


bile duct







First symptoms around February 15th

In the first few days I woke up with bad feverish chills and nausea late at night, then it digressed to a constant discomfort in my lower abdomen. It's a burning pain, like intense hunger pains but only stops for a little while after I eat, then I become hungry again. There's also sharper pain right under my chest when I push. Along with the burning I experience constant gas and bloating with some abdominal vibration. I've also become more anxious and intolerant to heat around night time.

February 27th

I saw a doctor at the walk-in clinic February 26th and he told me it's just acid reflux disease and to take Zantac. After I took the H2 blocker it seemed to make it all worse, leaving me with the feverish chills at nighttime again. At that point I started eating less fatty and acidic foods.

March 5th

I saw a doctor at my normal doctor’s office and told me the same thing, no tests were done. He offered me a similar drug but I denied it, scared of my symptoms worsening again.

March 6th

The burning got so intense I went to the ER in Danville, they did some tests then offered me the same drug that I refused once more. Finally they made a referal for an upper endoscopy.

March 8th

I began experiencing a tight throat and bile reflux so bad I could feel stuff moving in my stomach and throat. On the verge of throwing up, I went straight to the Williamsport ER where I stayed the night. During my stay that hooked me up to an IV and gave me protonix and ondansetron while they did some tests. Before I left  they sent a referal to RiteAid for the medicines they gave me. I’ve been taking the protonix ever since because I think it helps soak up the bile or acids in my stomach.
(BEWARE, PPI’s such as Protonix may cause delayed gastric emptying, make bile worse when the medication is stopped)

March 12th

Finally, I went to Woodbine outpatient surgery for an upper endoscopy, almost relieved in hopes that they would figure the problem out. Instead, they diagnosed me with a hiatal hernia, saying that the bile they soaked up while I was asleep wasn’t a big enough deal to investigate. (Yet it was enough to make to see two emergency rooms)
The doctor in charge told me to continue eating normally and the hernia will heal, and I left without questioning her further because I was still in a daze.

Ever since..

I haven’t had any acid or bile attacks in the past month and a half, but I still experience a dull discomfort in my lower abdomen usually after I eat, it burns slightly at times.
I have constant gas, accompanied by bloating and sometimes regurgitating bits of food after eating.
Usually when I’m laying down or after eating I get bad back and sometimes chest pain.
It seems like my anxiety acts up more often and intense, especially in high heat, and the burning usually occurs when I’m stressed.
All these problems seem to get worse at night time, and night time is the only time I start to get nauseous and really intolerant to high temperatures, it’s get so bad at points that I feel like I’m burning up.
(But I never have a thermometer to check)

I have obvious symptoms of gallbladder disfunctions and diseases, but I also feel like my body is attacking me. Maybe because of my diet and eating habits or maybe for something completely different, I just feel like my body has these moments where the symptoms intensify. Either that or I have a bacterial/yeast infection in my intestines, causing inflammation or even obstruction.
Whatever the problem is I need to get tested and checked for all these possible causes because I’m not getting any better.

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