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Feeling lost

Apr 28, 2014 - 4 comments









Weight Loss





I started my weight loss treatment on New years eve when I decided to finaly hit my goal weight this year. I was always overweight and I tried a thousand different diets, including my own stupid ideas (starvation, exercising but eating a lot) and they never worked. Now, it's almost 5 months and I'm proud to say I lost 17 Ibs. But... I was supposed to lose 7 Ibs more to this week. I'm so sad... why is this going so slow? I know it's better to go slow than not to go at all but still.. I want to lose weight more than anything and I'm trying so hard but sometimes I can't not eat. One of my biggest problems is that when I'm sad, I eat. If I don't eat, I do something really stupid or dangerous or just sleep for a whole day and non of those things is good. I won't give up, this was my New Year's resolution and I have to do this. this is my life and my stomach which I can and will control. There is no food that will taste better then victory over my weaknesses and no man who will make me sad enough to quit my lifetime journey. And I will never forget one perfect sentence: It's not about the destination, it's about the journey!

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by Barb135, Apr 28, 2014
"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey!"  That's true, but make sure you keep the destination in sight or the journey becomes much more difficult.

You've done really well, losing 17 lbs in 5 months, even if that's not what you had in mind.  Weight loss doesn't always go the way we want it to and it's not as easy as some people make it sound.  I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) 6 years ago and I've been struggling with my weight ever since.  Do be sure that you don't have a medical condition that might prevent you from losing weight.

Think of yourself as your best friend.  If your best friend were trying to lose weight and had a difficult time, you'd try to comfort and encourage her.  Do the same for yourself.  Always be as kind and gently with yourself as you would be with your best friend.

Look at what you've done and be proud of it, rather than focus on it not going fast enough.

If you eat when you're sad, first, try to figure out why you're sad and resolve that, but if you can't, try to distract yourself when you're sad and want to eat.  Also make sure that you have plenty of low calorie snacks on hand, like cut up raw veggies, etc so you can go ahead and eat, without derailing your diet.  You can eat as much carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli and other veggies as you want.

You've done great, so far... you'll get there.  You're young and you're learning some really good lifestyle changes.  
You "CanDoThis"...  

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by CanDoThis, Apr 29, 2014
Thank you :D

It was really hard for me to realise I can't lose exactly how much weight I wanted cos as I already mentioned, I can easily lose motivation and then I quit. I hope I can make it up.

My first idea was to lose 10 Ibs per month but as you see it didn't end up that way. One of my biggest problem is that I don't have time to exercise cos of school so I focusing on eating now, after all, if I don't eat less, exercise won't help either. And when school finishes (less than 2 months) I'll exercise all summer. I hope to find more time for exercise next school year, I should've organised this one better too but it's now how it is.

And about helth problems, no one ever thought I have a disorder because I never had more than 55Ibs more than normal which is considered overweight and not obese. My parents and friends always said it was all about control, and all my doctor did was giving me a little book about what to eat. and my psychiatrist (I wasn't there for my weight and never told her how much I weight) told me it's okay not to be a toothpick.

I'm glad I joined this community because I would have quitted till now. I hope we'll get there together.

649848 tn?1534633700
by Barb135, Apr 29, 2014
It's always hard to change our ideas from what we started out thinking, to reality, but that's what we have to do and I think you're doing that, now.

10 pounds a month is a pretty tall order and very hard to do, without strict dedication to both eating and exercise.  Safe weight loss is 1-2 pounds/week, which would be 4-8 pounds/month and even that takes absolute dedication.  You're right that if you don't watch what you eat, exercise won't help you either.  You don't have to set aside huge blocks of time to exercise.  Walking is great exercise, so try walking to school and back, if possible; and walk wherever you go, as much as you can. Even try a "walk in place" video.  Here's one I found on YouTube that's fun to do and only takes a few minutes:

Once you learn the steps, you can do a toned down version when you have to wait in line for something (unless you're supposed to stand quietly, like in school).  If you look on YouTube, you'll find lots of others, as well.

As for health issues - one doesn't have to be obese to get something like an under active thyroid.  I was actually under weight when my thyroid stopped working and I began gaining weight at an alarming rate.   My doctor tried to tell me I was simply eating too much, in spite of a very active job, going to the gym, eating very little, etc.  I finally got his nurse practitioner to check my thyroid and sure enough, my levels were way too low.  Nobody can just look at another person and tell that they don't have a health condition.  You need blood tests to know for sure.  

Your psychiatrist is right; it is okay not to be a toothpick.  Just try to get to a healthy weight, at which you feel good.  

I'm glad you joined this community too because I don't want you to give up... and neither will I.

8331755 tn?1397818028
by CanDoThis, May 04, 2014
I know you're right and I'm trying my best to make it work. I'm always walking to school except if it's raining cos then I get wet and can catch a cold. We don't want that. But it's still nothing if I don't eat clean. And when I'm sad I eat everything except healty. One day I ate half packing of marshmallows and would've eaten even more if I wasn't feeling like I will throw up. So that's how serious my "sadness problem" is.

Another reason why I mostly walk to school is because when I'm active I get that negative energy out of me and I feel better.  That's why I think that when I was eating and not exercising I felt worse than ever because I was keeping negativity inside and it just stayed there instead of getting out.

Thank you for "walking in place" advice, I'll try it but I think I'll stay at my own procedure. That is the only one I can do without quitting in more than 3 days.

I'm sorry for your illness but I have to tell you I admire you so much. I never met a person so dedicated. Your good energy is giving me hope :D

P.S. I never got the chance to congrat you for your weigh loss. You're doing really great,

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