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Difficult Night

Jul 19, 2009 - 2 comments








Last night was another diffiucult night of trying to sleep.  I continue to have internal tremors that awaken me or keep me awake.  This past two months have been miserable.  Doctor doesn't give a ****.  Really blew me off after the CAT Scan showed I did not have any tumor or physical evidence of obstruction.  There is defanetly something very wrong here.  My kidneys would not be acting this way if there wasn't something wrong.  This inflammatory illness feels like it is killing me.  I sometimes just want to give up. I cannot see living life on pain meds but I may have to give in and ask for them.  I sometimes grit my teeth all day long due to the pain and nerve pain.  I am still taking one Neuroton pill at night or I would not sleep at all.  My legs ache so badly at night.

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by Stro512, Jul 19, 2009
I'm finding that same attitude in Dr.s. Could you be suffering from anxiety/panic attacks during sleep. Lots of people suffer from them. Not sure what to make of the kidney pain, but that constant pain could be driving anxiety causing the sleep problem...I suffer from anxiety and when I'm sick (like now) my anxieties are worse..I have told many people about trying to listen to "Delta Sleep System" when they are tired and lay down to go to sleep. You can find it on itunes, listen to a 2min. or so sample on or a 10min. piece on youtube. It is music designed to help your brain achieve delta or deep sleep. hope you feel better.

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by Monnette, Jul 19, 2009
Thank you...nice to find someone that understands.  I DO believe that they are possible panic attacks.  Hope to talk to the doctor about taking something that will help that problem  They seem to be only at night and it feels like impending doom to me...that I might not wake up (I do have Sleep Apnea and can't keep my mask on at night) and the tremors wake me up often.  I am sure the kidney pain is part of some kind of inflammatory disease...will take weeks agan to get a DX as usual.  Doctors just don't seem to care much about their patients anymore..  It seems to be all about money. I have Fibromyalgia too so it could be a painful bladder syndrome.  I am seeing a urologist in August.  Hopefully will get some answers.  Is that a pug you have in your arms?  I have a pug...named Tonka.  He is one of my six dogs, I just bought a Great Pyrenees to protect my goat herd.  Three of the six are adopted mutts.  I love each and everyone of them.

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