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Was NOT my intention to make people angry...

May 09, 2014 - 9 comments

For those of you of whom I offended with my post, I truly wasn't meaning to.  My goal was to see what people's idea of "clean", "sobriety", whatever, was.  That was it!  Was wondering if my opinion was off, old, in the middle or where ever.  Again, my opinion is my opinion, and I AM entitled to might not like it, but we are all entitled.  
Something I have learned so far is that a lot of the issues I bring up are really MY issues.  What do I consider clean?  What I consider and what someone else considers can be 2 different things.....that's why I was asking.  I am having trouble in my N/A meetings with people that give advice that are on medications that, to me, take the edge off?  How much easier would it be for me if I took something that allowed me to not feel so uncomfortable in my own skin?  Allowed me to not wake up every morning STILL with this knot in my stomach?  I am so terribly uncomfortable telling people my personal feelings, (it's much easier on this damn computer b/c I don't have to face ya'll!  lol).  Maybe I'm just mad b/c I know I'm not one of those people that could taper and get off in a controlled environment, so the way it has to be for me, is the way IT HAS to be?  
Neither here nor there, again, wasn't trying to offend......

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4522800 tn?1470325834
by VICourageous, May 09, 2014
YOU DID NOT OFFEND ANYONE!!!!! Do not that that stinking thinking go there. This is what this site is about..Supporting each other period! You asked a very good question and this questions does have MANY different opinions..NOW wouldn't be a real drag if we were all the same..This is how we learn is to ask questions and I just heard a little girl say that.
I personally Loved the post..Yes at our meetings we get all kinds of opinions too. When I first got clean back in 2012 I was so scared to say what I really thought sometimes. I would get kind of nervous about what was right or wrong..This is YOUR Journey into Recovery and it is MY Journey into Recovery. Although WE are all the same in one way, WE still each choose which path to follow. I liked it when she said there is a bit of difference between being Clean and Recovery. As long as we are working at it then that is all that counts..God will guide us through and this is no lie!!! I would of been out using again, during those Deaths I had, if I did not step back and Surrender again. I even went to my Dr and asked for a Benzo at night to calm my ash down..He said NO, but I am very Grateful today that he did...BUT if I would of got it for just a short time there was NO way I was going to consider it a relasp..I would of did all the right things to have them for a short period and handed out. BUT it all worked out for the best..SO we are all just humane beings trying to do the best we can not to go back to are old habits or behaviors..
YOU did fine and just keep on asking any time you like!!!!

7163794 tn?1457366813
by motye51, May 09, 2014
Your the bomb! Thanks!

4522800 tn?1470325834
by VICourageous, May 09, 2014
Good Girl..NOW i am waiting for the next awesome questions..LMAO!!!!!

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by weaver71, May 09, 2014
I must have missed something. I seem to miss the connotation I apparently have. I am overly literal and analyze everything through and then through again. If you offended me, without me knowing it, I forgive you. Hard questions are hard, they're also my favorite, the eventual answer is a huge relief. I am certain a lot of my opinions are questionable. I question them all the time, don't stop being you, but stopping apologizing for it. Maybe that was to blunt, no offense intended. I love it!

1827057 tn?1397520277
by ricart70, May 09, 2014
This was a great thread. Don't worry about it and also I can easily see why you are apprehensive about taking advice from people who are not fully clean. I really do not think AD meds or needed mood stabilizers fall into the bad category but anything else like zanax ambien methadone sub etc. certainly is not something that a 12 stepper needs to be taking and then giving advice to people who are actually living life without the assistance of mind numbing drugs. ;)   You are right to be questioning this. If we keep to open of a mind about things our brains fall out!!  lol

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by vicki595, May 09, 2014
Yes, I think your post was just fine and opened up some great dialogue. Believe me, it's not the first time it's come up and there are always feelings and thoughts that come forward; all worth listening to. I didn't think it was offensive at I hope you weren't confronted in any way.

Folks who are on certain meds, working toward sobriety, are choosing THAT path and although it's certainly commendable, it's not being "clean" if using an opiate to accomplish the goal.  So, I agree with Ric.

495284 tn?1333894042
by dominosarah, May 09, 2014
If someone got offended(i must of missed it too) then it isnt your issue, it is theirs.  When it comes to recovery it is all about what works for us, not anybody else.  It was a good question as it gets us thinking.

1970885 tn?1435860428
by kyle505, May 09, 2014
Boy oh boy...If anyone was offended by your excellent post, then it's obvious I've never responded to one of their's.
You don't need to worry, just understand that although we're going through different stages of detox, addicts are humans, and our feelings can be hurt. I think that it's all a part of the recovery game. You are fine. Wonderful post.

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by msdelight, May 09, 2014
Mo this is an example of a fine question. The kind that gets us talking to and learning from each other. You're doing great.  Never stop asking questions!

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