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May 2014 Update

May 13, 2014 - 0 comments

Let's see, where did I leave off?  Had a bit of trouble in December for three weeks -- mild right sight weakness limited to numb foot and clumsy fingers/hand, but fascs all over including chest and face.  However it was brief and I was hoping things would continue to improve, and that perhaps this all was a one-time storm.  At the end of this, had and 8-16 hours period of dim/off colour eyesight in left eye (went away overnight) and a week of droopy left eyelid and blurring.  It was Christmas and I ignored it ... it went away (would have tried to see someone if the different brightness had been there next day).

Started falling in March, after second fall realized foot was numb and marched into another longer bout of right side weakness.  Fascs were mild this time, but gait issues, etc. with a new issue -- the hot baths with which I survived right side coldness/body temp issues all winter were now making it hard to get out of the bathtub.  Have to roll to stomach, rest, get on elbows and knees, rest, raise to hands and knees, etc. April to May, six bigger falls and many wobbles/trouble hitting doors while passing through/etc.  Mid-May saw optometrist for occasional double vision in right eye, no visible ON but new vertical misalignment and something else involving a test looking upwards (got tired).  Still have to go back for a visual fields test.  Vertical misalignment may be contributing to/causing falls.  Optometrist told me that I would possibly need a prism for my right eye, however he suspected that it would be transitory and that I should be monitored.  Upside:  I've earned the right for five years of free eye exams as needed (thank you OHIP).  Mid-May also saw family doctor who is going to contact neuro re: falling to see if I should be imaged again prior to next imaging date.

Forgot to include ... under care of sleep specialist now, and started trying to reset my circadian rhythm which was toast after so many symptoms interfering with sleep  Started April 11 ... it was awful and involved many nights of only 3 hours sleep before I started sleeping in one "phase" -- was up to 6 hours but the cumulative lack of sleep re-escalated my last bout of weirdness, including the back/rib tightness and burning pain, which then interrupted sleep .... vicious circle.  Started trying again on May 13.  Grrr.  Sleep specialist did tell me the process would be awful (kudos to him for honesty), and it DID work ...

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