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New Possible Diagnosis

Jul 22, 2009 - 0 comments







Autonomic Nervous System


intersitital cystitis

I seen the Urologist yesterday.  He was so nice and informative and certainly felt he knew what else is going on with me.  I may get this resolved or at least diagnosed yet! He feels I definately have Chronic Insterstitial Cystitis and possible a Autonomic Nervous System Disorder.  My Adrenal Insufficiency and my Fibromyalgia is closely related to the IC problem.  He stated it is not unusual to see the three ailments connected, especially in women.  The terrible tremors I have been having (worse lately than they have ever been) are definately a connection to some kind of problem with my brain not sending the signals it should.  Signals our body should give and take subconciously.  I have felt for a long time that my heart is not working right.  Sometimes I feel like it is working overtime and actually have chest pain.  Not severe but it is there.  Often I feel so very very tired suddenly after doing physical exercise or work.  I don't feel right and my BP is up and down all the time.  The dehydraton, the orthostatic hypotension, the bladder pain is all related.  

The only thing puzzling the doctor is the pain in my right flank which I thought was kidney pain.  It is lower than my kidneys so he feels it may be from a botched hysterectomy I had in 98 that needed a surgical hernia repair in 1999.  I also had my ovaries out in 2003 where the surgeon found a mess insides were found wrapped up in a tight ball.  It took her and her partner three hours to clean the mess up.  So he may be on to something and stated that mesh does not show up on CAT Scans.  Maybe this will be resoved too.  Can be hopeful.

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