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To Lithium or NOT to Lithium...that is the ?

Jul 23, 2009 - 3 comments i am just OVER the damn side effects...i MEAN       O V E R      I T !!!!!
The weight gain, hair loss, foggy head, acne (at my age is absolutely embarrassing), dry skin and bloat...I mean REALLY...what the hell good is this **** anyway?  I know I's the supposed "Gold Standard' right...well not my GOLD STANDARD!!!  Of course I can't mention the fact that I stopped Lithium about a week ago to any family or friends because they will all be  pissed off (rightfully so I suppose)...BUT I NEED A BREAK!  I just feel so out of control taking these meds...I have no freakin clue who I am anymore...where is the line between the Michelle I know and this CrAzY Bipolar????  Bear with me I am just venting...that's what this is here for right???  I sometimes ask myself..."Maybe they just misdiagnosed you...(don't laugh out there ppl...I know what you are thinking).  This is not the life I had envisioned for myself...I don't want to be on a pity party...I want to have my life back...I KNOW it could be worse...I am blessed by much, and even at the end of this vent I know feel kinda bad...for BITCHING...sorry I am all over the damn place...

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by boldsojah4christ, Jul 23, 2009
Sis I know who you are! You are a beautiful woman! You are a princess! You are a daughter of the most high! You belong 2 God the creator of every single livivng creature on this earth! He made you in his image which means you are queen! God loves you Sis & so do we here & m.h!! I could go on & on telling you how beautiful you are in Gods eyes! But I would run out of space! Shannon:

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by Lyndon_B, Jul 24, 2009
Ew lithium sux!  I came off that crap as soon as i could!

Works for some im sure but not me...............

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by Bipolarbear72, Jul 24, 2009
Well...I am feeling the effects of stopping the med...I have no energy and just want to lay around and cry.  Maybe it's just gonna last a few days???  I hope anyway...I REALLY don't want to start Lithium again...i think I will give it another week and see how I am feeling.  I can't tell my husband...he will be so upset with me.  The illness is not our affects the entire family, so I am having much guilt for hiding this...but if I say a WORD about it...he will force me to get back on it...AAaarg!

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