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Close call Transient Ischemic Attack !

Jul 24, 2009 - 1 comments








Hello all, since the first part of june I noticed a problem with my proper speaking capability, was diminishing. I was slurring some words, phrases..etc it increasingly worsened this past week. I was advised by Hep. C Doc to see my Primary physician first, then perhaps a Neurologist, and a possible brain scan. My Prim Phys. could not see me till 07/29. I called my Hepatologist and she urged me to go to the E. R. ASAP. So I went Tuesday evening, they could only tell me there was something going on but   was not sure what. they admitted me, ran a battery of tests,  after the EEG, they determined I had a STROKE ! The stroke was TIA related. The Diagnosis was Dysarturia Aphasia. I am still struggling with my speech on a daily basis. Not sure when I will return to 100% recovery. Was discharged from the hospital last night around 9:30 p. m. PST, Thursday 07/23. I ask for some prayers for a speedy recovery.

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by DANZBMW, Jul 25, 2009
Prayer said... Please get rest and do all the things you can to make you better.


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