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florida trip 2009

Jul 25, 2009 - 2 comments












I spent several days swimming, walking, and touring on foot.  Most meals served were more than I usually eat and I ate two desserts in one week.  plus a baked potato and french fries and bread.  Now I am home and getting back on track.  It was very hot and humid.  I was feeling sick one day and ate only breakfast and dinner.  We spent much time traveling in car.

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by turkee23, Jul 25, 2009
lol yes it is very very hot and humid here!!!....where in florida did you go?.... im in south florida, fort lauderdale.....glad you had sum fun here!

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by kathy434, Jul 25, 2009
Well hello!
We went to Lakeland.  We have been all the way to the Keys before, Tampa, Orlando, Hollywood Beach, Miami, and a lot of territory between along the waters and inland.  You have a very pretty state.  I was surprised that I was more comfortable in the 100 degree temp. and humidity, than the residents felt at the time.  Where I really began to feel uncomfortable was in VA's humidity.  But I took everything in stride.  We toured Thomas Jefferson's villa, Poplar Forest; James Madison's home of Montpelier, and Betty Washington-Lewis home in Fredricksburg VA.  We also stayed in a B & B Plantation Mansion.  A very interesting experience.   I am in north central PA.  Our weather this summer has been cool with a great deal of rain.  Friends said it was even like Fall here while we were away.  Our garden is failing because of the weather.  
Thank you for your response.

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