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Oral Sex. All flavours.

Jul 25, 2009 - 6 comments





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It's very, very rare that I now post on these forums. But I do still from time to time have a look at what's going on. And it still seems that there is some unease amongst posters with regard to unprotected oral sex.

It seems that for the most part Teak and LizzeLou and others are stuck on some repetitive answering service regarding this subject. I'd just like to offer some insight into this in a way that is hopefully easy to understand. And hopefully they would be good enough to make comment on this post as well.

Firstly, there have been numerous studies that have monitored sero-discordant couples (both GAY and STRAIGHT) who, use condoms for penetrative intercourse, that's anal and vaginal sex, but do not use barrier methods for oral sex. These studies have shown that the all the sero-negative persons in these studies have remained just that; NEGATIVE. This proves that barrier contraception when used correctly for Anal and Vaginal sex is 100% EFFECTIVE and stopping infection. Secondly, it PROVES that oral sex is not a transmission risk for HIV infection. These studies are genuine scientific studies that have been peer reviewed. And were conducted over periods of years, not weeks or months. And were quite large in scale.

That said, if you are having or have had unprotected oral sex - either way, male or female, you ARE at risk of contracting other more COMMON and very TREATABLE STI's like; Chlamydia (the most common STI in the world), Genital herpes, Non-specific urethritis, Trichomoniasis, Genital warts, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, etc.

There are always going to be "reports" of people who claim that they were infected with HIV solely through giving\receiving through oral sex, but please REMEMBER that not one of these cases has EVER been confirmed that oral sex alone infected them. People can tell lies, not wanting to admit that their risks were greater, or they simply can't remember. You can also look at it another way; how many episodes of unprotected oral sex, must occur across the planet. If HIV was transmitted by oral sex the numbers living with the disease and those who have died of AIDS would surely be in the billions.

Questions about having ulcers, abrasions and the like do not alter this FACT. The only way, oral would even be considered a risk for transmission would be to have serious open profusely bleeding wounds in the mouth area and have a partner who had very obvious, very large and open, profusely bleeding wounds on their genitals. And trust me on this; sex of any kind would be the very last thing on either parties minds.

All the Doctors I have personally spoken to, face to face or online have all stated that that there is for all intents and purposes no risk in HIV infection from oral sex. You will sometimes here about "Theoretical risk". Thats because every time you have sex with someone there will be a theoretical risk of catching something. To put it another way; In the UK we have a national lottery. I do it every week. There is a theoretical chance that I will win the jackpot, because I've bought a ticket. After nearly 20 years of doing the lottery I still haven't won anything. And I probably never will. Thats what "theoretical" means. In the real world it means I haven't given up my day job, because the odds are so remote they are beyond measure. It is the same with oral sex.

If you feel the need to test over an incident of oral sex. Expect a negative result. Most places I know, will test you; it's firstly a good habit to be in and secondly the NHS will provide free point of care, or a private clinic will charge you. But they will test you if you ask. It's just that they DON'T recommend testing every time you give or receive a fellatio or perform cunnilingus. Thats a FACT.

So, the bottom line of my post; DON'T lose sleep over HIV infection after unprotected oral sex. DO; get tested for the more common and more infectious STI's that YOU can catch from oral sex.

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by auntiejessi, Jul 25, 2009
You won't get HIV from oral sex, nor are you at risk for anything really except gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes type 1, and  things like adenovirus and strep if the giver is infected with those.

Oral HPV has been debated back and forth, and while it is possible to get that orally, it doesn't seem like a big health concern for the huge majority of folks.  

Nice post.  :)


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by friendforlove, Sep 14, 2009
your explanation in this journal is ver good.
but I would like to know on thing.
Let's consider one case and pleas tell me the risk for it.
A gay sucked a man's penis.This insertive man ejaculated in the gay's mouth.
The gay may either swallowed or vomitted the semen.
But a small amount of semen may remain in his mouth.
Then within a few minutes, he gave next oral sex to another man immediately.
If that man is HIV negative and the first man who accepted oral is HIV positive, can this second man be transmitted HIV by carrier method( the gay's mouth may be a barrier)?
I understand this forum is not questions.
But I really want to know.
Please answer me if you are kind of me.

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by smith009, Feb 12, 2010
i jus found out i have gon. but my partner dosent and i been givin him unprotected oral sex but he havent been giving me bak. is it a poss. that he may have it now?

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by Vance2335, Feb 12, 2010
smith009 this is not a place for in the STD community.

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by Calvinshiu, Sep 04, 2011
Oral Sex All Flavours:

Thank you for the great comment. It is really reassuring to read.  Too many websites state that you can get HIV from oral sex alone.  This I believe is causing undue fear.  Of course it is always great to be careful and safe, not for HIV but other diseases as well. I am so glad to have found this site.

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by Joe4380, Jul 16, 2016
Is a ripped penile frenulum that's bleeding considered a big enough wound for getting infected?

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