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Each Moment,Only Once (Zen saying)

Jul 29, 2009 - 5 comments

This is my new mantra. Yesterday I went to the local amusment park (Kennywood) it is an old fashioned style very "green" park with lots of antique rides and meandering paths. Lots of walking even for the able bodied. I was so torn because I didn't want to miss out on this family tradition with the kids but I knew just walking from the lot to the admission gate would do me in with the level of leg and back pain I still get.

So, after much deliberation- I got wheelchair. I just kept reminding myself it was "just this one time" and I am not a freak....and much to my suprise we had alot of fun. My poor husband had to push me but at least he had my son to help sometimes. For the most part though, it was better than missing out, or "pushing myself" beyond my limits....and it is faulty logic on my part to think too much about the past and long for how I used to be or project into the future and think that this is a permanent situation...I needed it this time...thats all. I can deal with that.

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by Katie116, Jul 29, 2009
Good for you. When I was seeing a therapist for depression many years ago, he said something to this effect:  "You can be depressed and live in a cave. Or you can be depressed and walk around the lake." It didn't make a lot of sense to me at the time, but I think of it often now. I'm glad you chose to walk around the lake.

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by bohan54, Jul 29, 2009
Wow, two great messages here.
I have been foolishly rejecting those wheelchair rides - NO MORE!
I do dig a whole and crawl in sometimes.  I think I need to do that but I will remember your Doc's words Katie.  He summed things up so well, although I may need a wheelchair if the lake is too big!

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by helenl89, Aug 03, 2009
baby steps girlfriend. No reason to feel bad about wheelchair. one day you won't need it and you can look back and say oh well. You got out, and you took control, thats whats needed sometimes. We can't stay in the cave forever. I relish the day when I won't need them or my cane or crutches anymore. Took self to mall the other day almost made it through without help. a almost is better than not trying at all. stay strong, here for you take care

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by Angie1992, Sep 01, 2009
Good for you girl! I love Kennywood! Just being there, the atmosphere is great.  At least you were conscious, a few years ago, I took my son and his friend.  I laid on a bench and slept in the shade with a hat covering my bald head while they rode, people looked at me like I was homeless.  One year, I rode the Phantom with my son at my hat landed on the laps of the people behind us, lol.

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by Teresa222, Sep 01, 2009
Where is Kennywood? Is it related to Dollywood? hee hee!

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