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Mid Cycle Ultrasound on Clomid

Jul 29, 2009 - 0 comments


Well today I went in for an ultrasound to see what effects clomid had on me. Turns out I currently have one dominant follicle on each ovary.  They both measure 17mm.  The RE says that I will likely O in two, possibly three days.  He also said that my uterine lining was thin, but not much thinner than when I was NOT on clomid.  In fact, he said that there is a possibility that my lining will grow enough over the next three days so that it will actually be THICKER on Clomid than it had been without the drugs.  

I mentioned to the RE that I have been taking Evening Primrose Oil and have been thrilled with the difference it has made in my CM.  He got a weird look on his face and told me not to take the EPO next cycle and it is possible that it caused me to have thin lining this month.  I really DO NOT think that is the case at all.  I wont take the EPO next month, just to make the doc happy, but I dont think that its the EPO that caused the lining to be thin.

So I will be on Clomid again next month.  My lap is scheduled for Aug 20 which should be around CD4 or 5 of my next cycle.  I will be taking clomid once the lap has been completed - so even if that ends up being CD 7 or 8 the RE still wants me to take it that late in my cycle.

I asked about the possibility of there being something wrong with DH's sperm that does not show up in a basic SA.  He said that yes there is definitely that possibility.  I'm not sure why on earth he wouldnt have ruled that out FIRST before putting me under the knife.  He wants us to think about having a "Swim up test" where they put DH's sperm in with a hamster egg.  If the sperm can penetrate the egg then all is well.  If not then we will know that something is wrong.  That test costs $200.  I think it will be money well spent and I think that we are gonna get on that sooner rather than later - preferably before my surgery!

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