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Argh - this must be ovarian cancer - nothing shown up yet!!

Jul 29, 2009 - 0 comments

Ovarian Cancer

†Symptoms first started in December – now are consistent everyday 

]Constant, gripping pain in pelvic area - bloating pressure in lower abdomen
Unable to do simple, repeated physical exercise without suffering from sharp abdominal cramping/diarhhea that lasts 5-6 hours
]Extreme nausea
]Back, leg, arm, and hand aches/weakness
]Lack of appetite – unable to finish food
]Constant diarrhea, frequent/urgent urination – must be near bathroom at all times
]Shortness of breath
]Cold chills/fever
]Weight loss - 25 lbs so far
]Bleeding for 3-4 days about one week after having period
Thick, clear discharge
]Extreme fatigue
Hospital trips due to fainting/pain spells

ADD New Symptoms

As of May 09 – reliance on sedatives to help eat, relax, control nausea & diarrhea
As of June 09 – coughing and tightness in left chest, hard to breathe
As of July 09 - swollen lymph node on collarbone (painful – prescribed antibotics)
As of Aug 09 – constant stomach mass aches, unable to sleep, constant defecation

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