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Connie's cancer is back.  

Jul 30, 2009 - 4 comments

Breast Cancer







13 years ago, my friend had breast cancer.  We have been really lucky that she has been in remission all this time.  About a year ago, she started feeling...odd.  She went to her "cancer" doctor for her exam and discovered she has cancer cells in her spine.  

She started taking oral chemo and radiation.  Then she went to have a port put into her head to get the chemo to her spine easier...that wasn't enough.  She now has a port installed to her collar bone for additional chemo.

She's very weak, losing her hair, but most of all, she's sick.  I know that seems like a stupid thing to say,but this is the most INTENSE, independent, and intelligent woman I have ever known - it's hard for me to see her so sick.  I love her to pieces.  She's incredible.

I am so afraid of losing her.  She is like my older sister.  We have been through so many good and bad things together.  We always laugh about being old ladies sitting at the beach watching the young hot guys!  

Man, what am I going to do if she doesn't make it.  

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by swampcritter, Jul 31, 2009
Swampy had a friend in that same situation...he is so sorry and hopes your friend can pull though.

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by Beachwalker33, Jul 31, 2009
Think positively.Always tell her what a fighter she is,keep her hopeful,and never cry in front of her.The mind is a very powerful thing,if she believes she'll be ok,whether you believe it or not,it can make a difference.If she believes in herbs and organic food for healing I have many suggestions.Just let me know! I'm here to support you,always.My Mom passed away almost a year ago from Ovarian cancer stage 4.I know what your feeling.Keep your chin up and spend as much time with your friend as possible.Have heart to heart talks,laugh,and give lots of hugs....So sorry,whatever I can do to help I'll do.Prayer lots and lots of prayer.God bless you and your friend,Jen

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by cowgirlnerd, Aug 04, 2009
On Friday, I was able to convince her that me helping her wasn't a burden.  She's SO fiercely independent that it's been a struggle.  Her stupid sister wrecked her car when taking he to chemo a few weeks ago, so I drove it with her (she can't drive anymore) to the BMW dealership and then came back with her.  We went by and got her some items at Walgreens, and got her settled in for the night.  Then on Saturday, I called and told her that I was going to the grocery store - did she need anything (of course, I fibbed and wasn't really going - but knew she would let me get her some things if I was already going)...she let me and I got her a few things and got her dishes washed, took out the garbage, helped her get the port in her head bandaged a little, and helped her get something to eat.  Yesterday, she called and was having a bad day.  She had tried to get out of bed to get her pain meds and her legs stopped working.  She fell and couldn't get back up - so I went to help her.  She is SO strong that she managed to get up and make her way using whatever strengths she had to get up to a chair and wait for me.  SO, I got her situated, got a pain pill ready for her, got it so she could get to them from no matter where she was, and noted what time she could take them again, if she needed to.  

Today, she is back on her way to get more chemo and most likely they will take the port out of here head, so that means and overnight visit.  She's both relieved (the port is painful) and scared about how they will get her chemo to her spine.  I hope she is ok - her stupid sister went with her.  

We do laugh a lot - she isn't self-conscious about anything around me and is honest about what's going on with her.  She laughs about having no hair and looking (rough) - of course, I tell her she's pretty to me (and she laughs).  She's scared and so am I, but she's being strong as usual.  

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by cowgirlnerd, Aug 18, 2009
It's gotten bad quickly.  She had seizures when the moved her out of chemo a little over a week ago.  After that, she was kept in the hospital and now they have moved to her to a nursing home.  She's lost control of her limbs, vision, and is in a lot of pain.  I just got back from seeing her and it just breaks my heart.  

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