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I keep getting sick

Jun 05, 2014 - 0 comments

Stomach Flu






pink eye


Stress and anxiety

Hi I am a fairly healthy female. I work a full time job as a room attendant at a hotel, so I am constantly active at work. I eat healthy and I play sports. But over the past 2 months it feels like I've been having health issues every week. (Cold, stomach flu, migraines, pink eye). And it seems that I cycle through them. As you could probably guess this is making my work life very difficult as I am not allowed to work when I am possibly contagious. I am scared if this does not stop soon I will be fired as I do not have a full time contract with the company it would not be breaking any laws. I am worried and stress which is making me sleep deprived and therefore getting sicker. Of anyone has any ideas of how to stop this concerning cycle it would be greatly appreciated. Oh and before the 2 months I had gone years without even getting a sniffle.

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