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O pains or not?

Aug 01, 2009 - 2 comments

Thought I was having really bad O pains yesterday and blamed it on the Clomid.  When I took my temp this morning i had not gone up at all.  Not sure if this means that I have not O'd.  Never got a +OPK this month although a couple of days ago it got considerably darker.  Figured i missed the LH surge since my temps did rise a little.  

Not sure what is going on.  Guess we willl just keep on BDing since from what i have read Clomid can delay O.

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by help4baby, Aug 01, 2009
Hey u might miss the surge....that pain is ovulation pain. he he he keep enjoying and BDinsg :) lots and lots of luck!!!!
one more thing the ovulation date may vary each month ...RE mentioned it long day back:)

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by GiGiGiGi, Aug 04, 2009
Looking back, it turns out my temp had increased on FRIDAY morning.  I had already O'd (at least off one side) when I wrote the first journal entry.  Things this cycle are so confusing!  

I totall DID miss the surge!  Considering that I got a "dark but not positive" LH test at 5:00pm on Thursday, and a considerably lighter one later on Thursday evening,,, the LH surge must have happened Thursday afternoon.  So I guess it would make sense that I was getting O pains on Friday.  Maybe some people get O pains after O happens.

Strange thing is that although my temps are above the cover line - they havent really been increasing - in fact, today they went down. (4DPO)  Hopefully I'm just being a slow riser this month and things will pick up in a bit.  Otherwise I'm in trouble.


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