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NOS - not otherwise specified; THE SPASTIC NIGHT

May 18, 2008 - 1 comments














ok - three questions before i begin my adderall induced morning ramble (LOL):

1.  can it be vaginismus if the spasm does not occur with regard to penetration?  is a spasm deeper within the vagina possible or is it all tissue, not muscle?
2. can it be intersitial cystitis if there is no pain when urinating and/or no hx of chronic (or even frequent UTI's)?
3. can the word "pain" mean debilitating electric twitches of discomfort rather than a pain one would instinctually  take advil for?  (best example i can think of - nausea vs migraine.  a migraine is pain.  nausea is a horrifically uncomfortable somatic sensation).  when i see the phrase, pelvic pain, does that pertain to me and my "nauseous" rather than "migrained" pelvis? :) (i hope i am making sense LOL)

i am laboring to self-diagnose.  i am not doing so for any other reason than my psychological health (and my lack
of health insurance for the next four months).  i cannot take another sleepless night of this awkward feeling without a) knowing i am not alone and b) trying to find some kind of "self-help" until i can be treated by doctors.

like my experience in the mental health world of not fitting in to any of the prescribed categories of psychopathology, i too seem to be once again NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED... but this time not in my head but in my pelvis!  :)

i am beyond uncomfortable, completely horrified and worried and ridiculously UNrested because of these "spastic nights".  is it IC? is it vaginismus unrelated to sex/penetration?  is it some kind of vasocongestion of the ovarian area?  

WHAT EXACTLY IS SPASMING?!?!?!  the vagina? pelvis (levator ani)? bladder? cervix? fallopian tubes?  

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by luvmyboiz, May 27, 2008
I have been feeling the same sort of things for three days now...

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