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Woe is me...know the words to that one? (and this isn't the place for it, is it?)

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So I had an appt scheduled to see GI at My PCP office (He's an associate) PCP office called to cancel. I have to go see the GI in his main office to receive biopsy results...for a total cost of $50...if I could see him at PCP office, $0 copay. I can't afford to find out the results of my own biopsy (which was expensive enough already)!! Who can afford all this? I don't qualify for medicaid since I married, but my hubby is unemployed now, and we don't even qualify for food stamps, or medical care for our son, let alone my hubby. Fugg Fugg Fugg.

Anyone DXed with Hep C co-morbid with Paraniod Schizoaffective disorder, OCD, PTSD, Bipolar II, and Borderline personality disorder? Somehow I think all that is unique to me. Now that I have h=the Hep C Dx, ethically I can no longer receive tattoos, peircings, branding, or the like. ETHICALLY I think is the big qualifier there. Any body art Pro always takes precautions to pretect her/himself anyway. They're trained to act as though ALL clients HAVE A CONTAGIOUS BLOOD DISORDER. SO, so what if i want more art? They take necessary precautions anyway; besides, even Drs can't turn you away for care based on a contagion. FOR THEM it's unethical to do so. So WHO"S RESPONSIBILITY IS IT?

I have a need to cut, tat, pierce, and otherwise engage in high risk, self harm such as cutting. Seeing the pain on the outside helps ease the pain on the inside, where I can't touch it.

You know, this proly isn't the place to have this type of blog...(psych)  but I don't know how where to go. I found this place completely by accident in the 1st place. :D  Ha.

I have so much more to talk aboutg, but liek I say, I don't think this is the right place. If y'all can direct me to a more appropriate place, i'd appreciate it.

Thanks in advance for direction,

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