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Thursday August 6, '09

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Humble is great





Where to start?

I've been in such a writing mood these days, typos and all. I'll try to correct them as I go, but hey, it a journal. get over your perfectionism, self, hell, there are so many better things to dwell on. And dwell you're good at. Been cleaning a lot, reading "Dont Sweat the Small Stuff--and it's all small stuff" like it's a text book, pink underlining pen and yellow highlighter, notes in the margins and all. I'm doin it for my Dads new girflfriend, Dee. She says she'll read it to him, since he hasn't read anything since his last stint in jail, he says. Ha. He has big problems with tiny things. The elephant and the mouse, for sure. As I read, I'm getting things out of it, too. And i have the quote a day callendar from the book here in my room. Ok, fair warning voyeur reader, I'm going to jump from random sentence to random sentence from here on out. Hope you can follow along, but this is'nt really about you, VR, it's about me, and how i sometimes actually get something out of my writings. (And some of your coments are very insightful outside perspectives that I really hadn't planned on getting either, but appreciate none the less.) Ok, so today: woke up late, smoked cigarettes like they're free, drank a couple cups of coffee, and off to the shower with my dirddy self. Hubby and I took our kindergartener to swchool registration. I didn't want to go, but went and asked smart questions, and received smart answers. very satisfying. Got hyome feeling good and empowered, so I felt up to making a few phone calls. 1, try to get copay for GI specialist reduced or waived. No dice.2 received info on how to appeal their rules. , Well, before that, I tried to get the location of my GI visits moved from his primary office to my PCP office, where he also works, UH-UH, no way...GI Dr.'s rules if I could have done that, I would have no copay. Ok, so that means $20  pop. So I owe $20 from last time they were kind enough to let me slide on. I've slid a little too long, in their opinion, so next time I go (soonest avail. apt) on September 1st, I owe $40. This visit is just to get results from liver Bx. His nurese won't even tell me about the Bx over the phone. So ok, now I have a question? How often do I have to see this Prescription, EGD, test ordering machine?  Ok, try to make him my primary care doc.Ins. says he's not in the network of Dr.s who do primary care. (See, VR, I told you I'd be skipping along like a pulp fiction) Ok, time to appeal. What do i include along with the request to lower ot waive the $20 fee. SSA award letter, husband's proof of unemployment, lease showing amount of rent, utility bills? Is all that necessary? Is there more necessary? I've never appealed anything, so this is all very over-my-head.

This is a good time to break, get out of this mundane BS, and go play dominoes with my hubby (and our lil guy trying to learn) and have a good time. I wish you all well (if there are any of you reading, that is. i feel pretty humble today, thankful ,and blessed, but Humble is a good one. I like it here.)

Until next time..


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