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Ugghh too much summer polution

Aug 06, 2009 - 2 comments

I never have breathing problems in the summer, but the only thing I can attribute this all to is the hot weather and pollution buildup in the air.

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by thp636, Aug 09, 2009
I hope that you feel better soon. The dangers of prolonged hot weather can be very real for those of us with respiratory problems. As you say, the combo of hot weather and pollution buildup is terrible.
Last summer I was too active on a very hot "bad air" day and wound up in the ER. The ER was loaded with people with respiratory problems. The nurse told me that they had been coming in all day.
What surprised me was how quickly my attack came on. You have to be careful. I found out the hard way.
Take care of yourself.
Thanks for the note.

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by Victoireh, Aug 11, 2009
Yes, thank-you, I will. Today for the first time I actually start to feel a bit more normal, as it has been cooler and raining the past few days. I have problems with excess mucous too and I think the dry hot air was making it worse. My chest felt really congested some of the days during the heat/pollution. But I will pay attention more. It's terrible to recover from bad lung infections. The climb back is slow and long. I guess this is why we're all busy tracking our peak flows on the web :-)

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