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22 week update.

May 19, 2008 - 0 comments

22 weeks

well im 22 weeks and soem days now and my baby girl is so much more active than my son was this far along it just amazes me!
All day long ive been running errands and shes been kicking the **** out of my bladder. I kept sort of cluthcing at my stomach and going oof! and then turning to my friend heather and saying "dangit! i have to go to the bathroom again!"
but im enjoying it because i know shes in there and healthy. My boyfriend started playing tricks on me at night when im asleep, he pushes on a certain spot and tickles the babies foot and makes her kicks me then laugh when i groan in my sleep! he does this till im half awake and then looks all concerned and asks whats wrong and im just like , oh baby is really kicking me! then he starts laughing!
Butthead! im glad hes interacting with the baby but [email protected] he says my belly is now the babies property and he can mess with/ touch it whenever he wants to..... ive snapped a few times because ive been full and bloated and uncomfortable and there he is poking around trying to feel some baby kicks!
but mostly im in a good mood, less panic attacks the last few days and i see my psych on the 16th so he can tell me if my prozac will be ok to start taking so im able to leave the house more and have less panic attacks!
im so huge already its hard to believe i can get bigger but i know i will, and the summertime is going to be so hot im glad ive made plans to buy a yard pool it may be the only thing that saves my sanity!.

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