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May 19, 2008 - 1 comments

In the last year I have found that I have Grave's Disease. Also I have recently recovered from my fourth surgery in eight months due to hysterectomy and complications from first surgery. I wish all well and hope to be able to share stories with you.

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by lilnurse42, May 20, 2009
hello, my name is regina, i have graves disease. i was doagnosed 5 years ago. ni had the surgery, thyroid removal. went thru the whole medication regimen and still today even though im not hyper,i am now hypo, gained over 40lbs.  i have days of depression and so tired i can hardly move.  my thyroid has grown back and functioning. i still have to take meds and my levels havent been right since i was diagnosed. i feel your worry, i have been there. i have the exopthalamus, the bulging eyes, and sometimes i look like a freak, thats from the levels being so high. so try to take care of this immediately, dont let this happen to you. people have a tendncy to stare at you like you area to your doctor soon and ask all the questions.

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