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Aug 10, 2009 - 3 comments
















Today was emotional and difficult.  The two puppies we got 4-5 months ago are wonderful.  Sasha is adorable and sweet and loves to just aly in my lap.  Bailey is energetic and never stops until she gets tired at night and then she becomes a lapbaby.  Well, Bailey keeps me running after her for various reasons all day long and after many discussions we had to make the decission to let her go live next door with our wonderful neighbors.  They love their two dogs who are energetic as well, maybe even more so than Bailey but they have the energy to keep up with her and I don't.  I have been crying off and on for the past week knowing this was going to have to happen if I was ever going to get the rest my body demands but even though I feel like a terrible person.  I know they will take great care of her but they said they may give her to a friend if three dogs turn out to be too much for them and that worries me that she will keep getting passed around.  I want her to stay next door where I knwo she is sleeping in their bed and being spoiled like their other two.  I wish so badly my body didn't give out in the afternoon.  I certainly can't make her spend half the day in a crate.  Sasha now lays beside me sleeping.  We have tried to keep her busy playing and giving her attention like she won't realize Bailey is gone but she looks as sad as I feel.  God please watch over both babies and make them happy even though they are apart and always healthy and taken care of.
This is a sad day.  I want to sleep and have it be over.

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by TrudieC, Aug 10, 2009
So sorry you are having to do this.  I can definitely relate to the lack of energy and it is so maddening that it affects our lives in such a way.  My heart goes out to you and hope you will find comfort with your decision soon.

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by Joni686, Aug 10, 2009
Thank you Trudie.  I appreciate you.
I hope you are doing well.

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by catdvm, Aug 13, 2009
Sorry to hear about the situation.  I know how much both dogs mean to you.  At least you know she is safe.
Bailey and Sasha both know they are loved and that is significant for a social creature such as a dog.
Give Sasha time.  She is probably also picking up on your emotions so normal for her to reflect how you are feeling.  I know it is hard but I commend you for placing Bailey's needs above yours.  If she is so active she needs a place to be this way or sometimes they resort to destructive behaviors.  They aren't bad dogs then just bored.  Let me know how things go and if there is anything I can do to help.


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