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Aug 10, 2009 - 0 comments











self injury

At first sight we analyze
Comfortable and fits
In the palm of our hand
The artificial minty taste
Seems nice, or clean
What is this, we let it go
We let it explode
And its just chemicals
That slip down our throat
Then burn and its free
Inside us now and we've paid for this

It reigns inside for sleepless night
Rather, endless days
To be posted or lit
To remember our failure
and even our self;
this inflicted pain
Somewhat accidental or ironic
What is this era
so white is clean as black is light
We are exposed, this nakedness will some day ruin us
Or maybe this is just a sign
Perhaps hide from our maker
That we have bore ourselves so carelessly

And I myself,
A harlot of my time
So How dare I say
I never asked for this
These chains have yet to loosen.
My wrist bleed down my arms
And I know I’m cutting deeper
Though your love feels so sweet
And ill keep taking
Like death do us part
So let me go now and set me free
Somehow this monument of
Bleeding lungs and broken ribs
Is all i’ve really paid for
It’s all I know and all we’ll ever be
Until of course you realize
Our ‘pain’ is all deliberate  
We're falling apart.

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