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Baby shower games

Jun 25, 2014 - 0 comments

baby shower





Okay I have 7 games at mine but 1 of them doesn't have a prize because it's more of an activity.

1. Night time mommy diapers
-This is for at night when mommy has to change those annoying middle of the night diapers it's something to chuckle at. You get a box of diapers open it and put a basket next to it or another box and a cup full of markers and you have everyone write something for mommy to read when changing those nasty night time diapers (ex. "Isn't it daddy's turn""caution toxic"..etc) again there is no prize for this.

2.Diaper Raffle
-I have a poem on my invites that say "Bring a pack of diapers any brand any size and get a ticket to win a prize". So when people come they not only bring you a gift but a pack of diapers. You then put their name in something like a bowl or box and then towards the end you draw a name for the winner. It's a great way to get tons of diapers which are expensive and all you have to do is give out one prize.

3.How big is mommys tummy?
-Cut a piece of ribbon that wraps perfectly around your tummy. Then have everyone cut a piece of different colored ribbon than yours(so you don't mix up ribbons) to the size they think you are. You then pass around your ribbon and whoever was closest wins

4.Don't say "BABY" or Don't cross your arms or legs
-Give everyone that shows up a necklace made from ribbon and a baby charm then tell them they either can't say the word baby or you can do it where they aren't allowed to cross their arms or legs I'll be doing you can't do both. But if someone hears them or sees them do those things they call them out then they get all their necklaces whoever has the most at the end wins.

5.Poopy diapers
-Get about 6-7 diapers and a different chocolate bar for each(make sure you number the diapers) then melt the chocolate bar and put it in the diaper(make sure you write down which candy bar went into which diaper) then pass the diapers around along with pens and papers for everyone and everyone writes down which candy bar they think it is whoever gets the most wins.

6.How many skittle?
-Super cheap and easy game. Go to the dollar store buy a baby bottle and either skittles, smarties, jelly beans whatever you want to fill the bottle with. Count out the candies and fill the bottle to the top. Then have everyone guess how many candies are in there and who ever is closest wins. Also they not only get a prize but they get the bottle full of candy.

7. Safety pins in rice
-You get a bowl of rice(not cooked) and put tons of those mini safety pins in it(closed of course) then blind fold people give them 30 seconds to pull out as many safety pins as possible. It's super hard trust me I've tried I get like 2 you would think you could tell the difference between the two. Whoever gets the most wins

Now for prizes this is what I'm doing

Funny diapers no prize
Diaper raffle 25$ gift card(seems pricey but you'll get way more than that worth of diapers one box of 100 costs that much or more)
For the rest of the games I'm making super cheap but cute prizes
Candy bouquets inside cute mugs
I'm getting everything I need for the bouquets including the mugs from the dollar store
all my prizes including the gift card wont cost me more than 45-50$

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