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My Intermittent Fasting Experience

Jun 26, 2014 - 0 comments

fasting intermittent

Start weight 163lbs, 15th June 2014.

This is about my experiences, and is not meant to be advice to others, lets call it ... my experiment with Intermittent fasting ;)
So this is where I am at 43, tired, fed up and flabby!! Me naked and otherwise isn`t a pretty sight, one day I woke up and thought about all the times I had decided I was going to change, how all the times I wanted to look different, fitter, sexier, more confident, about all the times i`d been unhappy at the person looking at me in the mirror! All the times I had let myself down, how that reflection was my apathy :/
So this time was the time to do something about it. I don`t know what was the final trigger to motivate me, but something clicked and so I decided to do some research into losing weight and toning up at my stage in life.

I started doing different yoga practices to ease into getting moving after leading a pretty sedentary life for the last few years, resulting in a 30lb weight gain and at 5ft 1″ it shows!! :O
Yoga was NOT easy, although after a week I noticed getting some more strength and being able to hold poses for longer, I was on my way!! Inspired I researched more and came across two guys called the Hodge Twins, at first I watched their Youtube videos out of curiosity then after laughing at their antics began to listen to what they were actually talking about..Intermittent Fasting?!

There`s not much info regarding women doing this way of life, not that I have found anyways :/but if you do a Google search you can research it yourself.
I had never heard of this before and was intrigued, searched the web and found as much info on it as possible, then jumped right in!!

Basically, you have to choose an eating window in your day to eat all your desired calories and the rest of the time you don’t eat a thing, have some zero calorie drinks and lots of water. I choose a ratio of 19:5 or there abouts, (this needs to be, for me a little adaptable to fit into daily life!!) So stopped eating at 5pm, fasted for 19 hours then broke my fast and 11 am the next day, had a 5 hour window to eat my meals in then stopped eating again at 5pm.

I was ok with this, no big deal, my tummy rumbled a bit around 9pm but then i took a bath and went to bed. Next day (June 16th 2014) I couldn't help myself but have a little weigh in n to my total surprise after not having much success sticking to a ridged Low Carb diet, I had lost 1lb!! to 162.2lbs!! and I thought ok, lets see how this goes, im not a eater in the mornings so pushing breakfast forward a few hours was easy. I was busy tidying and catching up on other things, did my yoga cardio and broke my fast at 11 a.m, getting all my low carb meals in until 5pm again, I don’t count calories I eat what I want low carb wise. Felt great and enthused, and even more surprised I wasn't anywhere near as hungry as I`d thought I`d be.

Day 2. 17/06/2014. I was in work from 7 am and mostly forgot about eating until about 12pm, but couldn’t get around to eating until, 1.30pm, it wasn't intended that way, I had fasted for 20.5 hours!! I was just so busy I couldn't stop to eat, I had a two pork balls and some celery, wooo!! i know lol, but that was all I had at hand, after finishing work and doing my weekly shop, I roasted a chicken and sat down to a large chicken salad with cheese and avocado, strawberries with cream, and my little treat of coffee and thick cream!! I was pleasantly full!! and best of all I didn't feel guilty!!
So thinking I`d weigh in even though it was late I just wanted to check, and not believing anything would have happened weight wise, i jumped on scales to see i had lost again!! down to 160lbs!! another 2.2lbs!! I guess its just water weight, right? but hey it`s going the right way and that’s down!!

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