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Wed 18th June 2014 my I.F experience. Day 4.

Jun 26, 2014 - 0 comments

Weight today is 158.4lbs.
Broke my fast at 11 am.
Spent my spare time looking into HIIT. training, because to be honest I'm no gym bunny and the thought of doing hours of cardio, a, bores me and b, I just don't have to motivation, c. I'm lazy!! So HIIT or another thing called Tabata, which is short high intensity training suited me better. Even lazy *** me can do 10 mins of this short of workout!!
At the moment I don't want to be an svelte athlete or a female body builder, my main aim is to drop the weight. That`s what i`m focused on right now, although I do want to be toned so i`m going to need to look into how to do that. So yeah in future I'm going to need to up cardio and add strength training so some sort.
Today I felt good, although last night I had the weirdest dreams and my sleep was disturbed, I was kinda just lying there not sleeping, annoying!!
Side effect of IF.?? I noticed that right after i had broken my fast, my tummy started to rumble away and i passed loose stools (sorry for TMI) ;)
Stopped eating at 5pm.

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