2 Cortisone Shots in Feet Today (Nerve & LIgament Pain)

Aug 11, 2009 - 12 comments

I had an orthopedic appt for some new pain that gets really bad and comes/goes on the left (good) foot and pain on the outside area of the bad foot.  I see I journaled about it on 7/18 when it first appeared!!!!

Did an Xray and all is ok on the xray but I have nerve problems (inflammation) there on the good foot on the  top by the toes s--  o he did a cortisone shot there.

The other bad foot (chornic sever3e tibial tendonitis) has ligament inflammation ,and he did a cortisone shot there, too.  He cannot do the tendon on the bad foot bcz it can rupture.  

We both laughed that I probably am the only one that said YES do both today .. usually he has to talk them into it LOL bcz of the pain.

He said tonight will throb and then start feeling better and the nerve will go away.

It's from wearing sandals more often than I should have .. yeah .. like 2hrs a day?  I wear high top sneakers with custom made orthotics for 18 of the 24 hrs --  So much for vanity.  One pays the price I guess. Ugh.

Anyway, they feel fine now .. no throbbing yet.  We'll see and I'll just take it easy.

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by Cherie762, Aug 11, 2009
chitchat..wow sorry to hear your going through this, from what I understand thos shots do hurt, but work well for pain, kinda stinks to have to go through pain to help deal with pain huh? Be good and no more sandals! I  know high tops are not comfy in summer, but ya gotta do what you gotta do to help yourself. Feel better soon, and rest those tootsies! what about ice or heat/ Im guessing no heat ice right?

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by ChitChatNine, Aug 11, 2009
Thanks so much!

Ice works best .. still numb from the lidocaine given b4 the cortisone injection .. so no pain { yet } // positive thougths anyway are here LOL!!

You are so kind after the amazIng surgery you just went thru to stop by my journal!!!!


599170 tn?1300973893
by Cherie762, Aug 12, 2009
This site gives back as much as people put into it, I find it very theraputic to cruise through here and read peoples journals and comment when I can. its win/win.

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by ChitChatNine, Aug 12, 2009
And so were both my cortisone injections . they both are extremely successful and never had the throbbing pain the doc said would get last night but did have insomnia which I read online can happen.

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by Cherie762, Aug 12, 2009
well ya know what to do when insomnia hits! go to the social, thats what I do.

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by April2, Aug 12, 2009
Oh yeah! I feel for ya! I've had those cortisone shots in my heel because I have Calceneal Bursitis and also a heel spur. Yeah, the shot hurts but it really does work! I noticed I would be tender the first day but by the next day it would feel so much better!
I hope you feel better soon. Just put your foot up with some ice and make others wait on you for awhile. :o)

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by ChitChatNine, Aug 12, 2009
Hey guys, I almost came to social but refused to cave in .. so today I didn't take my thyroid med (Synthroid) since that ,coupled with insomnia, is no joking matter LOL.  April .... yeah .. like that idea!!!    

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by KalynS, Aug 12, 2009
I think my mom had cortisone shots for heel spurs a long time ago. I'm glad you didn't get the throbbing pain, but sorry you had insomnia....that is not fun.

I have feet trouble. When I was 18 I was in a car accident and messed up my right foot....I have a knot on it that swells up every now and then. I have been told not to wear flipflops/sandals and I never listen. When my feet swell my shoes get too tight and then that really hurts....in sandals/flip flops my feet have room to expand :).

I hope you are feeling better!!!!

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by selmaS, Aug 13, 2009
Hi ChitChat...OMgoodness 2 in one day...I almost passed out with one and refused to get nemore...lol....it didn't work fo rme either....u r one tought cookie.


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by painfulfeet, Sep 16, 2009
i have been seeing a doc since may for what i belived to b plantar faciitis, after xrays and a triphasic bone scan i was diagnosed with bi lateral calcaneal stress fractures. (apparently caused by untreated chronic plantar faciitis) doc placed me in cam walkers for 8 weeks. during this 8 weeks stapping was attempted with no luck and was given a cortisone shot that resulted in no pain relief. i continued to work my 40 hr a week job with only taking the 1st 2 weeks off (stupid) after coming out of the cam walkers i was given a pair of night splits and a prescription for physical therapy 3 days a week for 4 weeks. ok, needless to say at this point i am well beyond frrustrated. went back today, 3 seperate cortisone injections in each foot. OK i am in pain now  (guess i only imagines the pain b4)  went to work afterward am home now sitting here with my feet in a bag of frozen peas feeling sorry for myself... what can they do for these poor old feet? (only 40 years old)  i actually search the internet for foot replacement surgery!!!!!!    lol     mayb one day huh?

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by ChitChatNine, Sep 16, 2009
Hi --- OUCH you had 6 cortisone shots and two bags of peas!   I am so sorry to learn of your diagnosis.  Stress fractures of both feet must be awful!!!!  I wear a splint at night and it is my best friend .... I use the MedHelp pain tracker and it has helped a lot and qualifies my pain when I go to see my orthopedist!!!!   It really helps a lot for them to see it in a graph and your journal entries.

I am hoping p/t will work for you .. it worked 40% for me .. .the light therapy worked the best but even the passive stretches got to be to painful.

Maybe they will suggest orthotics for you after you are done?  Mine are my companion 24/7 .. literally --- 18hrs a day.

Keep in touch!

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by jojojo123, Oct 01, 2009
Hi All
I am no expert on foot problems but 2 1/2 years ago I had my left foot crushed by a forklit. During this time I have had my first and second toes amputated and had a skin graft to cover my foot which was degloved in the accident.  I still have brokens 2nd 3frd 4th and 5th metertarslas and a lis franc facture.  The pain as you can imagine was and still is quite intense.  The solution I use for pain relieve is 4 mthly cortisone shots to the broken joints.  I have find a surgeon that will do these for me in theatre under a mild sedation so I am asleep.  Maybe anyone needing alot of shots could ask there doctors for these or if that is not an option even request laughing gas or some valium to stop the pain.  My other solution to a really messy foot is to always were Birkenstock shoes they have all the right arches and were recommended to me bu both my phsio and surgeon.   They are not cheap and we all know how much it costs to be inured but I have found a cheap site in germany where they are made to purcahse them from.  TobisMayer.com.  
I also had planatar Facitis as a reslut of this accident and found that these shoes cured it in about 3 months.  Also putting a can of baked beans or tennis ball under your foot and constantly rolling it backward and forward is a gret excercise as it strengthens the tendions which are causing the problem and crashing into your heel bone therefore causing the pain.
Anyway hope some of this helps someone the most important thing is to never give up stay positive and belief the pain will ease at times.  take care all

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