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Please HELP!

Aug 11, 2009 - 1 comments















head pressure

Alright, here's my story:
I am 22 years old. I was smoking for five years, and also was an alcoholic for about three. I had always suffered with a little bit of depression and anxiety (mostly when hungover) but nothing extreme. In December of last year, I cut way down on smoking (now completely quit for six months) and cut drinking to maybe once a week. I got a very bad cold toward the end of december. I also just moved in with my partner and had an extreme life style change all at once. I was pretty comfortable moving in though. After I started to feel healthy again, I went out and drank. And the next night (still a bit hungover), I threw up (and I have never thrown up because of a hangover) and after I puked, about 10 minutes later, I had a horrible panic attack. The only time I had ever had a panic/anxiety attack before was when I was young and tried to smoke marijauna (safe to say because of that experience, I havent smoked it since). Once I had overdosed on adderall, and didnt sleep for three days and started to hallucinate, but I am not sure if that would have caused brain problems now. But after this anxiety attack that night, I figured I might be fine. But sure enough I was having severe panic attacks and anxiety ever since. It is like, since that night, my mind has been in an altered state, and I am constantly fatigued and feel like I am dreaming. Also, a severe head pressure and dizzy spells, chest pain, I can always now see my pulse in my head and my wrists, and always feel like I am about to pass out.
I went to see a doctor and they diagnosed me with candida, and told me to take paramicrocidin, L-Thanine, L-Tryptophan, and Nystatin. I went on the candida diet for a while and did feel healthier, and I can usually avoid really bad panic attacks with the theanine and tryptophan, but my mind is still altered all the time, and dizzy. Some days worse than others. Also I feel like he past six months have all happened in like one month. Am I going crazy?
I have looked up all my symptoms Ive been tested for thyroid, lyme disease, AIDS/HIV, and a few more.
The things I have noticed had similar symptoms is mercury poisoning (I have one cap and one filling), but I don't know if thats right.
I anyone can help me that would be great. I feel like I just lost 8 months of my life. Could it maybe have started as candida, and I just gave myself an anxiety disorder worrying?
Thank you!

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by Melanie433, Aug 12, 2009

I'm 50 years old and experienced many of the same symptoms at your age...horrible panic attacks after drinking. a recovering addict myself I would have horrible anxiety attacks for years.  I could not take freeways, over-passes or fly for about 14 years (which I missed out on seeing so much of the world) so my dr. put me on a antidepressant...those meds are not for all people and at your age if you can avoid then please do. The next axiexty attack you have try saying the serenity prayer out loud and know..please know that the aniexity attack feeling will's just temporary.  I am only guessing that the anxiety your are feeling is more than likely caused by the drinking.  It was horrible for me too and these attacks would just come out of no where.  But, as far as your fatigued feeling and severe head pressure and dizzy spell plus your chest pain I would get a second opinion.  I've heard of many people having chest pains during panik attacks but better be safe than sorry and get another opinion.  I also read that you overdosed on adderall, my doctor just put me on that med due to many issues in my life and hopefully will even help through mennapause.  I don't know much about adderall so if you can advise...I'm open.

take care of you


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