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Three Simple Steps to Loosing Weight.

Jun 28, 2014 - 0 comments

Weight Loss


loss of belly fat


Belly Fat

Belly Fat. The 3 steps you need to take now.

Some adipose tissue or fat around the waste is normal and healthy. It lies in two separate compartments. One is just below to skin, the so-called subcutaneous fascia. The rest and greater proportion lies within the abdominal cavity itself and is there to protect your internal organs from trauma. This is called visceral fat. Most of this is within an apron like structure that falls down in front of the bowel called the omentum.  

When you see someone with an enormous belly 75% of what you are seeing is coming from visceral fat not subcutaneous fat. A large amount of visceral fat is very bad for you for the following reasons:

• It raises the risk of high blood pressure.
• It raises the risk of Type ll diabetes
• These in turn raise the risk of heart attack and stroke.
• It puts additional strain on hips and knees and the cardiovascular system
• It increases the risk of sleep apnoea and sudden death.

How to Easily Loose Belly Fat in 3 Steps.

Step One. Get motivated.

If you suffer from excessive visceral fat you need to think beyond the mere cosmetics of the thing. The health risks of belly fat far outweigh the cosmetics. Please read the 5 risks listed above several times and get familiar with them. This is your motivation. You owe it to yourself and to your loved one not to put your health at risk and to be healthy and well for yourself and for your family going into the future..

Step Two. Get a dog.

You know you are going to have to exercise more and you also know now difficult it can be to keep up your resolve in this. Having a dog, any old dog, is the answer. Take the dog for a half a hour walk twice a day. The dog will quickly learn that this is the routine and that it is fun and will insist that you stick to your routine. The dog will pester you until you go for your walk whatever the weather or time of year. You will start to love your dog and respect its wishes. Within a year, if you take the next step also, you will notice a considerable reduction in your belly fat.

Step Three. Stop ALL sugar and junk food.

Do not go on a diet. We know they do not work. Instead change your eating and drinking habits. If your downfall is beer then switch to dry white wine. If you use sugar switch to saccharine. Learn to cook for yourself. Eat plenty of stir-fries, chicken and fish and above all learn how to enjoy your new found health and mobility. Good luck with it and mind that dog..    

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