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Aug 13, 2009 - 3 comments

I was at work and had to go a few blocks away to a client.  As I am at a red light with my sister, we get rearended by the car behind us.  I was rushed to the hospital where my doctor is at.  He checked me out and said all is OK.  He said you can throw a rock on my pelvis and I would be ok - lol

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by Ready_4_Baby_2, Aug 13, 2009
WOW thats good to hear. That same thing almost happen to me yesterday in traffic. The idiot behind me didnt see the traffic had stopped. I just so happen to look in my mirror and saw him with his head turned to the side. I started to panic but then he stopped. Thank God!

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by stefanie1976, Aug 13, 2009
My idiot was stopped at the light behind me . . . and ASSUMED the light changed and plowed right into me - while the light was still red . . .genius drivers, I tell you.

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by Jen133, Aug 13, 2009
Glad everything is ok.  I get very scare when I'm driving, but my husband usually doesn't let me drive unless is an emergency. There are some crazy people out there,lol

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