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The date is finally set

Aug 13, 2009 - 12 comments

Talked to the coordinator this am and I am sched for Tuesday. They are growing the embryos to day 6. They said they would only go back with 2. I pleaded for 3 and they are considering it. Will let me know Tues. Not much longer to wait now.

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by kellym, Aug 13, 2009
What are the major concerns? Multiples?  If you could just e-mail me their number, I'd like to give them a call....LOL......
Well, Tuesday it is!!! Party like a Rock Star this weekend!! YAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

294043 tn?1354207946
by Helen72, Aug 13, 2009
Good luck on Tuesday!!  I hope they agree to transfer 3.  Got everything crossed for your bfp!

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by 1nana, Aug 13, 2009
Good luck, Tina!

Hope ALL goes well!

134578 tn?1642048000
by AnnieBrooke, Aug 13, 2009
When we had a transfer of 3, I really sweated it.  The doctor will NOT let a patient carry triplets, he says it is dangerous and at least one of the children always ends up badly damaged (maybe he is just being an opinionated doctor) and said he will insist on a "reduction" if three embryos take.  I was not excited at all about a reduction.  Was very relieved when it came up twins.  So if your clinic absolutely will only do 2, maybe that is not the worst thing in the world.  Good luck!

254689 tn?1251180040
by 40smama, Aug 14, 2009
Oh exciting, Tina!  I agree w/Annie - maybe it's best to do only two like the clinic wants.  If all three implant, it creates a whole host of other problems that you don't want to even think about.  We're thinking about doing FET but are extremely worried about the possibility of multiples.

Anyway, I will keep you on thoughts & prayers for tuesday - wishing you the best, jen

405370 tn?1332206110
by Houston79, Aug 14, 2009
That is so exciting!  I hope you do three also.  I wanted to (only had three anyway) and the RE discouraged it (they were perfect 8-celled embryos) and settled for two.  Miscarried and now I have a frozen embryo sitting there and I have to do the whole process again because they won't to a FET with one embryo.  Push for three!  I hope this is it for you!!

216278 tn?1308861082
by wanting4#1, Aug 14, 2009
Oh, how exciting Tina! I am so hoping and praying that this is the one for you ;)

588676 tn?1317820597
by Maddiesmom0801, Aug 14, 2009
I am so excited for you and Tim, Tina.  Congratulations on whatever you, Tim and your MD decide collectively.  Being a Labor & Delivery nurse I have seen what happens first hand with multiples.  The more you have in there, the earlier they come.  You deserve to have healthy full term babies that will go home when you go home.  It is very sad to see couples having to come back to the hospital multiples times in a day to visit their sick babies in the NICU. You have been through enough and have waited so patiently all these years.  Praying that you all make the wise decision that you are most comfortable with.  You will always have my support and prayers regardless.

178239 tn?1277405491
by tina1111, Aug 14, 2009
Thanks ladies. I really wanted them to transfer 3 this time since they did 2 last time. I don't get too many more chances at my age. I would definitely consider reduction if 3 took. It sounds terrible, but I would consider it. But, with my history (long) it is very unlikely that 3 would implant and then continue to grow. We did get an implant out of one last FET. But, it stopped growing about a week later. Ha, and I thought my own eggs were crappy. These are nice young healthy ones. Darn it! Let's get a baby out of this one!

212720 tn?1304375415
by Quinns momma, Aug 14, 2009
Oh Tina good luck. Keeping my fingers crossed for you on Tues!

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by ladybug82, Aug 14, 2009

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by mlb1234, Aug 16, 2009
Wishing you the best of luck and lots of sticky baby dust for Tuesday!!

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