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My Birth Story <3

Jul 08, 2014 - 0 comments

So, I arrived at hospital around 12pm on 7th of July. I was only 2cm dilated but told them I didn't want to be sent home (again) so they kept me in for four hours and had me walking around to help dilate me. The midwives were great and so supportive :)
Anyway, 5:30pm came around and I was at 4cm, music to my ears! I knew I wasn't going home this time :)
My contractions then started to get way more intense. I had full on back labour and nothing would help me with the pain except my partner basically pushing my hips back in together lol
At around 7pm I got the gas for the pain, the back contractions really made me feel like I needed to poo every time I had one! I got told not to push but couldn't help it at all and was trying to push a poo anyway! Hahah
I got up on the bed and they checked how dilated I was, and the midwife said to the other "get ready for delivery"
I was screaming and saying no "I want an epidural!" But I was already 9cm dilated. At 8:13 Aaliyah Marree was born into this world. My waters broke 3 minutes before she was born, it was weird feeling them pop and gush while pushing your baby out! Lol

She was put on me but had to be taken away again as I was surrounded by 10+ people and a surgeon. My uterus stopped contracting after birth and I was losing blood, fast! They were giving me needles, pushing down on my belly etc to get me to stop bleeding. It turned into a life threatening bleed and I was rushed to theatre. I was put to sleep and woke up around 10pm and was back with my new little family.

Sorry its so long! But I'm so thankful to still be here and enjoying my beautiful new family. Best of wishes to all you mums to be :) Its the best feeling in the world!! <3 xx

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