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Jul 08, 2014 - 2 comments

missed period

Every month I come on my period one month I skip n then
I came on July but June I dident July 6 I came so 2 days I was at my
period I come on 7 days so my period stop
2 days I had my period on July I do have pain in my back every morning have headic n pee a lot. Can some help

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9558865 tn?1415631450
by bajramsha, Sep 10, 2014
im not pregrant but my feet does fell like hell they burn every day n I don't k now wht to do n I ask my doc she said its nothing I was really she said yea I took a test was negative n I don't understand why my feet burn I don't stay on my feet a lot so can someone help me why is this happing this to me

9558865 tn?1415631450
by bajramsha, Nov 09, 2014
ur pergrant hon

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