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Aug 12, 2009 - 0 comments

low blood sugar









*POSSIBLE TRIGGERS - Pretty heavy emotional stress going on at home (little sister is pretty sick, we just don't know with what); had very little to eat up until almost 12:30PM; I do have my period, but my headaches and period rarely seem to relate to one another.

** Headache started right when I left for work, but I couldn't take anything for it because I was having bloodwork done in the afternoon.  I took 2 Aleve as soon as I was finished with the bloodwork, and also got a coffee and donut (in case it was caffeine withdrawl/low blood sugar).  Helped take the edge off for only a short amount of time.  By the time I left work at 6:00, it was near full-swing migraine status... just different somehow.  I was hesitant to take my Treximet because of that, and because I'd already taken 12hr Aleve and my stomach's been so temperamental.  I was forced to go with my family to a friends' for dinner, and as soon as I ate the headache disappeared.  

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