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8-13-2009: Ultrasound day

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*POSSIBLE TRIGGERS: I'm going to go with emotional stress, and the fact that I had to fast from midnight the previous night until almost 11:00 the next morning.  As little as I eat these days, when my body wants food it wants food, and it doesn't react well to low blood sugar.

** This one I know wasn't a true migraine.  It was one of those really bad in-between headaches.  It still makes me nauseous a little, I still get a little bit of light sensitivity, but I'm not knocked down like I am with a migraine... and the pain is just different.  My migraine pains are sharp and in one spot/area.  This pain is all over the top/front of my head (favoring the right side a bit, but still on the left as well) and is a throbbing  I try constantly to explain this to my neurologist but he just doesn't get it.  Maybe these are mini-migraines, if there is such a thing.  

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